20 Mar 2015

Jordan Pro Strong Harry Potter Theme Ideas

Create a magical mood with witch and wizard themed indoor and outdoor decorations. Purchase an unfinished wood plaque, paint “Platform 9 3/4, Hogwarts Express” in acrylic paint, and hang it at your entranceway. Create levitating witch brooms by tying clear fishing line to Jordan Pro Strong the brooms and hanging them from trees in your yard. Spray paint small Styrofoam balls with gold paint, and push two feathers in the ball to create “snitches.” Search for a stuffed “Hedwig” owl, a rubber “Scabbers” rat, a stuffed “Crookshanks” cat or a “Norbert” dragon to decorate.

Have a treasure hunt game to find the Sorcerer’s Stone. Paint a large stone to hide, with red metallic acrylic paint. Hide other Harry Potter themed objects along the hunt path, such as magic wands, potion bottles or crystal balls, and create clues to go with the objects. Purchase combination invisible ink and black light pens, write the clue on the back of a Air Jordan 16s piece of paper, roll it up like a scroll and tie it with ribbon. Give each child a scroll and the black light pen that will “magically” reveal the clue. Award the first place player/team with a prize, such as a velvet pouch filled with gold foil wrapped chocolate coins.

Create a spell book with a faux leather cover. Paint the words “Hogwarts Spells Potions” on the cover with a gold ink pen. Cut a few pages out of paper, fold the leather cover around the pages, punch several holes up the side, and lace up the sides with leather cord. Hand write some Harry Potter spells and potions in the book pages and give it to each guest. Then have the kids create their own potion and spell jars, referring to the spell book and using their imaginations, using recycled jars. Add blank labels and allow the kids to fill the jars with water and food coloring and creepy things and to design their own labels with markers and crayons.

Scrapbooking Ideas for the School Colors Red Gold

In the Harry Potter series, Gryffindor is one of the school houses represented, and the house colors are red and gold. You.

Harry Potter Paper Crafts

The world of Harry Potter offers an extensive amount of inspiration for paper crafting. From scrapbook pages to party invitations, Harry Potter.

What Type of Broom Does Harry Potter Have?

In the universe of the popular fantasy series “Harry Potter” by J. K. Rowling, brooms have an entirely different use than sweeping.

Harry Potter Birthday Theme Party Ideas

Harry Potter Birthday Theme Party Ideas. Take your guests on an adventure to Hogwarts with a Harry Potter themed birthday party. Harry Potter.

“Harry Potter the Sorcerer Stone” Activities

Teaching J. K. Rowling “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone” in school and planning fun classroom activities that tie into the book.

Decoration Ideas for a Harry Potter Birthday

Decoration Ideas for a Harry Potter Birthday. The Air Jordan Women Size Harry Potter books and movies appeal to kids of all ages. The enormous popularity.

A Scavenger Hunt List for Children

Children often have natural curiosity that leads them to investigate the world around them. Whether they love climbing trees, picking flowers or.

How to Throw a Harry Potter Theme Birthday Party for Kids

Make pillow style party invitations by printing clipart of an owl on white cardstock. Cut out the shape using two pieces of cardstock. Rowling world of Wizards and Witches not only makes great books and movies, but provides the makings for a great.

Riddle Ideas for a Treasure Hunt

Riddle Ideas for a Treasure Hunt. Treasure hunts, often called scavenger hunts, are a wonderful activity for Air Jordan 14s a party or for any day.

How to Dress Like a Hogwarts Student

Hogwarts is a magical fictional school which teaches students to use wizardry for anything from changing an animal into a goblet to.

How to Create a Harry Potter Costume

Don dress up like a traditional wizard this Halloween. Instead, follow these Air Jordan 20s steps to look like the world most unorthodox wizard and.

How to Make a Spell Book

For those who practice Wicca, a spell book is predominantly known as the Book of Shadows. This book is created by the.

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