20 Mar 2015

Jordan 13 Retro Eventually

Dirk the Daring pictured in a rare moment of not being killed

Released in 1983, Dragon’s Lair stood far above the competing arcade games of the era for one reason: superior animation quality that still stands out today. While other video game artists were limited by available hardware, Advanced Microcomputer Systems developed a play system that utilized laserdisc technology, meaning that full motion animation and high quality sound could be used. This new use of technology, coupled with the brilliant work of veteran Disney animator Don Bluff, allowed a fantastical, immersive adventure game that captured the imaginations of gamers everywhere.

It also allowed Dragon’s Lair to realize a future video game trend by turning their female character into a voluptuous pole dancer Jordan 13 Retro with gravity defying breasts. And for that, Advanced Microcomputer Systems, we salute you.

The Quest Begins!

Dragon’s Lair is something of an indie success story. It was made on a shoe string budget of just over a million dollars (expensive shoestrings, but shoestrings nether the less) and only after various incarnations Air Jordan Women Size of the game had faced a whole heap of rejection.

When making the game, AMS couldn’t afford actors, so the voices for the lead characters were provided by staff. Also, as they couldn’t afford models, the artwork for Princess Daphne was based on Playboy centerfolds. Well, that’s the official story. More likely, this was an excuse stammered by the artist when somebody opened one of his closets and was concussed by a tidal wave of porn glossies.

Despite its low production values, the game met fantastic and immediate success, with gamers literally playing the consoles to breaking point.

Dirk the Daring! (Or, more accurately, Dirk the Dead)

Dragon’s Lair allowed you to take control of Dirk the Daring in his quest to rescue Princess Daphne from the dragon’s lair (Hence the game’s title: Space Harrier). The player would test his reactions by pressing the correct button when prompted by the game, allowing the animation sequence to continue uninterrupted. If you pressed the button at the Air Jordan 19s wrong time, then a whole host of horrifying and humiliating death sequences awaited the hapless knight.

Look out, Dirk, an entertaining death awaits you!

Seriously: Eaten, drowned, impaled, burned, battered, poisoned, electrocuted. All of these fates and more were waiting to happen to Dirk, all in glorious high quality animation! And thanks to the likewise high quality sound, we got to hear him squeal like a little girl while he burned to death!

To this end, Dragon’s Lair preempted games like Mortal Combat by advancing the intricacies of video game violence more than any game previous though, thanks to the charming animation style, it managed to do so without angering a single parent.

What did anger some parents was the portrayal of Princess Daphne, who was something like Marilyn Monroe’s younger, ditzier more objectified sister. Needless to say, Nike LeBron 11 this soft porn princess in her sparkly private dancer costume outraged a group of people who probably died of exploded outrage glands upon the release of more recent titles like Dead or Alive.

Of course there’s an outrage gland. See?

While Dragon’s Lair may seem very tame for anyone who’s kicked a prostitute to death in Grand Theft Auto (Steel Toe Cap Edition), its advanced graphic and sound was able to realize a potential for sexy violence that other video games Air Jordan 12s had only been able to hint at.

Dirk pictured in his natural state. Dead.

The Future of Questing!

Dragon’s Lair spawned a myriad of sequels, though the memory requirement of the full motion animation sequences meant its transition to home consoles was a bumpy one. Less powerful consoles re imagined the game in a 2D platformer format, or with sprite based graphics, with less than stunning results.

Eventually, and often spread across multiple discs, Dragon’s Lair, Escape from Singe’s Castle and Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp, found their way onto home PC’s. Dragon’s Lair 3D: Return to the Lair, was released in 2002 on Gamecube and PS2 amongst other platforms. This incarnation of the game allowed players to control Dirk in a 3D action format, like Tomb Raider.

Dragon’s Lair also inspired a cartoon series that lasted for one season in 1984, and a comic book mini series in 2003. The game’s most recent incarnations are on the Nintendo DSi and iphone.

There is a movie planned for Dragon’s Lair, but so far it resides in development hell. This is presumably because they cannot find a feasible way to continually kill their lead character for ninety minutes.

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