20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan Spizike How fast can your bean or potato plant grow

First, buy or grow a small potato or bean plant with a single sprout. Take a shoebox and remove the lid. Cut a 2 inch round hole in the middle of one of the narrow sides of the shoebox. Using an additional shoebox or other pieces of cardboard, cut three maze walls that are 2 inches narrower than the shoebox and the exact height of the shoebox. Tape the first maze wall on the left side of the shoebox. Tape the second maze wall on the right side of the shoebox. Tape the third maze wall on the left side of the shoebox again, forming a 3 walled maze. Place the plant at the rear of the box, opposite from the 2 inch circular hole. Set the box facing a window with ample light and cover Air Jordan Spizike it with its lid. Remove the lid only to water the plant when needed. Eventually, the plant will grow around the interior maze and out of the circular hole in the shoebox. A potato plant or bean sprout maze is a good project for a group of three students, because one student can grow the bean sprout or potato plant first, another student can create the shoebox maze, and a third student can water the plant and care for it while it is growing.

How fast can your bean Air Jordan DMP or potato plant grow? A potato plant or a bean plant are the best plants for a shoebox phototropism project because they grow quickly. A bean plant will reach its full height of about 50 centimeters in about three weeks, and a potato plant will grow to 60 centimeters in about four weeks. This is tall enough to grow out of the shoebox. Use a ruler to measure the plant’s growth. Make a growth mark on the inside of the shoebox with a pencil and measure the height. Air Jordan 12s Try to make the measurement at the same time every day. Do not be discouraged during the first few days. The bean or potato plant may grow slowly at first. Keep the plant watered and growth will speed up after the third or fourth day.

A Dutch scientist named Frits W. Went experimented with plants in Air Jordan 5s the 1920s and discovered that they made a chemical in their stems and leaves that stimulates growth. The chemical is a hormone called auxin. If light hits a growing plant stem from one direction, more auxin flows along the plant stem in the dark area, causing it to grow faster than the area exposed to light. Plants bend Air Jordan Fusion 5 toward the light because the portion of the stem that is shielded from the light grows faster than the area that is facing the light. The amount of light affects the degree of bending in young plant stems.

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