20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan Future aunt might have the power to help save the universe

The Psychotic Hour, a comedy troupe that first appeared on Montreal radio in 1983 and is now available online, will launch their long awaited podcast The Divine Comedy at Theatre Ste Catherine in Montreal on Air Jordan Future Saturday October 23, 2010 in conjunction with the international internet release.

The original Divine Comedy is Air Jordan 14s a 14th century masterwork by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri that is often referred Air Jordan 6 Rings to as Dante’s Inferno, and it consists of three volumes. The Inferno, The Purgatorio and The Paradisio each describe a different portion of the Christian Afterlife.

The Psychotic Hour’s version is a 65 minute counter cultural festival of sound, satire, and Air Jordan 12s dark comedy in the best tradition of a show that has always prided itself on its ability to seek out and milk the sacred cows of society. Imagine an afterworld where God is dead, Satan collects black velvet paintings and your favourite dear sweet old (deceased) aunt might have the power to help save the universe!

Presented in glorious 1D, The Psychotic Hour’s theatre of the mind hearkens back to the glory days of radio, when whole families would gather around the Air Jordan 3s wondrous box that brought the world into their parlours. The depth and complexity of The Psychotic Hour’s sound design provides everything the imagination needs in order to travel through the offbeat afterworld that these hopefully inaccurate visionaries have created.

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