20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan Fusion 5 they rise aboveMy son

My husband and I have started a blog that offers advice to parents of children with club feet. We are looking to connect with others who might be interested on sharing their story, tips, or pictures ๐Ÿ™‚ I know for us, it was such a hard process trying to figure out what to expect, what clothes worked, and how to deal day to day. Then the foot started to turn back in. We now have him wearing a corrective brace at night. He has gotten used to it, but the dr. said he is not out of the woods yet, and that he might need surgery. Has anyone had the surgery for their child? We are going to NYC Special Hosp for surgery on 2/7 for a 2nd opinion. I am so upset that we worked so hard and so has Tristan. Now, we perhaps have to go through a surgery.My son was born with bilateral club feet, almost 16 years ago. He was my third baby, first boy. His left was severe and his right foot was less so. Luckily, we live near Boston and had access to amazing docs. Alec was born during the Boston Marathon and the orthopedic doctor we initially chose to care for him before he was born could not fight the traffic to come into the hospital to cast his legs. I was hysterical, the nurse called another doctor for me. This doctor left his vacation home on Cape Cod to drive into Boston to care for our son. Needless to say, we stayed in his care and Alec still sees this doctor to this day. I have never blogged about our story but I would love to give hope and comfort to the moms and dads expecting and raising infants with club foot. Even with his severe case, Alec never had surgery, just casts and braces and orthopedic shoes. He is the best athlete out of all four of our children. The only freshman in his high school to make the extremely competitive varsity hockey team. It’s amazing, please know that children with club feet learn early on how to deal with pain and adversity before they really understand so when they are faced with these things, they rise above.My son, who is a little over 5 months old (bi lateral club feet casts up until June 6. Tenotomy on both feet on June 6 and casts for 3 more weeks), just got shoes with the bar between them (it is the straight bar not the Dobbs) last Wednesday. He has had them almost 1 week. He is supposed to be wearing them 23 hrs a day. Air Jordan Fusion 5 We try VERY hard to do this, but he cries and fusses nonstop! It wears on your nerves after a while. He sleeps for about 15 30 mins at a time at night and then wakes up and while I try to rock him back to sleep, he fights me (arching his back, crying, screaming, flailing his arms, etc.). He does not nap except on a good day and on those days he MIGHT take two 15 minute naps (after fighting to get him to sleep like I mentioned above). How long should it take to get used to the shoes and bar? Is this normal? When he has the shoes off, he Air Jordan 10 is a very happy baby. As soon as he sees the shoes, he starts crying. We go back to the Air Jordan 13s dr tomorrow for his first “checkup” since getting the shoes. Our dr is not very sympathetic and very “you do it by the book.” I know if I ask him if this is normal, Nike LeBron 11 (for him to fuss ALL day) he’ll say we just have to tough it out. I can bear listening to my child cry (he had colic his first three months, so some fussing does not bother me), but I can’t bear listening to him cry ALL day. I know everyone says that he will not remember this when he is older, but both his and my emotional state cannot take this much longer. My daughter hated the ponsetti brace. So much so that anytime we went anywhere she would use her car seat as leverage to try to pull her feet out. The result was pressure sores that developed in just two days and forced me to leave her out of the shoes for 4 days because it was Easter weekend. She had to be recasted for two weeks before we switched to the Dobbs bar. Even then, she Air Jordan 10s cried and slept in the same manner of your baby and we had to work her up to 23hr wear. I had to let her wear the bar until she became completely intolerable of it, the took the bar off, Leaving the shoes on, for about 30 minutes to 1 hour before I put the brace back on again. Took about a month to get her completely adjusted. Those first the months are without a doubt the hardest part of the treatment, because you both have to adjust and develop a routine and adapt to the bracing. My 18 month old acts no different than my 3 yr old now. Running and playing all day long!

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