20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan Fusion 5 it’s always your underdress So

Well, hey now and again. And right now, I am about to show you how to wear a tunic dress. Do you know that the term “tunic” means? It’s really, really simple. Tunics were the first style of anything made. Men used to wear them, and so did women, because that was the only style back in the day. And, it’s really just two pieces of fabric that are cut exactly the same way, and put together. So, it’s giving you a very, very straight line. It’s straight from the underarm all the way to the end of the garment. And, that’s what makes it a tunic dress. They come long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless like I have on, a lot of different things. Remember how I tell you, ladies, the most important thing about dressing all the time, it’s not your overdress, it’s always your underdress. So, make sure that you’re sucked and tucked in properly with the correct undergarments so that you’re really, really creating a smooth silhouette, and you’re showing people the very best you. Let me show you, come on. What you can do is get a really great earring. You see this? A really great teardrop earring, it would really create a whole effect. You push your hair back, and it really gives you a really nice, polished look. So, if you wear a really, really big earring, I don’t want you to wear a neck piece with your dresses, because that’s going to overpower. It’s either one or the other. You either wear a strong neck piece and a small earring, or a huge earring and no neck piece. You see how that would play off? Now, if you want something a little less flamboyant, you could do something really simple and pretty and still have it tasteful. These are our Air Jordan Fusion 5 nice little, a leaf earring, with a Air Jordan 2010 Nora pearl on top. And, it really kind of just plays it down. This would be great, this type of earring with this type of tunic would be great for, like, a Saturday with a flat shoe on. It would just be a really great, put together look. Also, you want to make sure that you’re playing it back to your accessories. If you’re doing, you know, depending on what you’re doing, whether you want it to be frosted, Air Jordan DMP or whether you wanted it to be a shiny kind of metal, you really want to play back Air Jordan 5s your accessories when you wear it with your clothes, whatever kind of tunic you’re wearing. Now, with this one that we have on the mannequin, I would just do a small earring Air Jordan 23s and a really great pendulum, you see that? It kind of has a lot of great colors in it. It’s kind of playing off spring. It’s popping some of that golden out of that copper, and it’s a really good look. Well, I hope I have taught you how to wear a tunic dress, how to put it together well, how to accessorize it even better, because as you can see, a tunic is very simple, so it’s going to be all about the accessories and the shoe game. So, I hope I’ve taught you how to wear that tunic dress. Easy, breezy, beautiful, just like P. Have a great day, now.

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