20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan Fusion 5 However if you’re a taller girl

Just like finding the right pair of jeans for Air Jordan Fusion 5 your booty, searching for the best footwear for you can depend on your body build. Luckily for us, fall boots come in a variety of styles to choose from. Here’s an example, let’s say you’re a petite girl. Your best bet is to find anything with a heel. The reason is boots, whether a bootie or a knee high, truly accentuates your height. If you wear flat boots it only makes you look shorter and stubby, whereas a nice heel makes you look taller and longer. Also another tip, if you’re a woman that has thicker calves, opt for a shorter boot like a bootie. Taller boots emphasize the shape of your legs, so if you’re a shorter woman with bigger calves you might look unbalanced; not to mention unflattering.

However if you’re a taller girl, anything goes. Some tall women often shy away from shoes with heels, but what’s there to be afraid of? If you wear a boot with a heel it’ll only make your legs look longer and leaner. And really isn’t that what we all want? But if you’re a tall girl with a phobia of heels, try wearing flat heeled boots. A great flat boot that is worth checking out is the equestrian inspired boot. Not only is it chic that can be dressed up or down, but it is super comfortable with its flat heel and rubber sole.

In the fall, it’s all about wearing harder, more durable textures. So when Air Jordan Women Size looking for the KOBE 9 best fall boot, a Air Jordan 7s good tip to take with your on your next trip to the store is to find a boot with more reliable material. Leather is always the standard, but if you’re searching for something more luxe try a suede boot. A nice pair of suede boots are great for autumn because the weather is still mild and dry enough to wear. So if you have enough bucks to splurge on suede boots, go for it.

On the other hand, if you’re more daring Nike LeBron 11 full blown fashionista, a patent leather boot is perfect for you. These fall boots add not only a little shine but some pizzazz to any outfit. However just make sure your outfit doesn’t outshine your boots, after all patent leather boots are meant to be seen, not clashed with.

Finally the last tip to the perfect fall boot is to look for color. Sure black and dark brown are standard shoe colors, but they tend to be a little boring. So to break out of that mold, keep in mind the autumn color palette. Deeper and richer colors like an olive green, caramel brown or a deep burgundy is a good alternative to consider. Wearing these colors are still neutral enough to go with anything but interesting enough to enhance a look.

There you have it, three simple tips to find the best fall boot for you. Autumn is a great time of the year to play with fashion and boots are a great starting point in defining your look.

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