20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan Fusion 5 Hi

Hi, I’m Kristie Prince Hale, and today we’re going to talk about how to balance when wearing heels. Now I know heels can be uncomfortable but they really make us look outstanding so the best thing to do to remember is that when you are wearing heels Air Jordan Fusion 5 you really want to stand as tall as possible. Now that Air Jordan 7s doesn’t mean to lock our knees but it means to have your back as tall as possible, tighten everything up and really pull everything in so that you are as tall and as lean as possible. You want to add a little bend in your knees, not too much but just a little bit and that bend actually allows you to sit right Nike LeBron 12 into the high heel shoe and it provides you that balance you need right in the center. If we stand straight and veer off to one side we’re off balance. So if we put all of our weight right in the center then we are able to keep our balance. Now some things for you to try when you are just getting a new pair of heels or if you are just starting out wearing heels is to try balancing on one foot. You can have a chair beside Jordan Winterized 6 Rings you to help with this, simply try to balance on one foot and it will help you work up to balance in your new shoes so that when you go to that festive occasion or that party when you are Nike LeBron 11 wearing your heels, you’ll be able to balance and look fabulous too. Thanks for joining me. I’m Kristie Prince Hale.

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