20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan Fusion 5 Floating Pipe Shoe Shelf

4 Screws. This is the top “shelf”. Specifically we need to get at the four 90o elbows that connect the back of the rack.

Step 1: Survey the situationThe back story:The only practical place I Air Jordan Fusion 5 have to keep shoes by my front door is a tiny weird place between my door and kitchen cabinets. It would only cost a couple dollars, it would Air Jordan Spizike look nice and work great! KOBE 9 As an added bonus it would cost me under $5.00!First decide how long you want/need your shelf. If you have a wide open floor plan each pair of adult men’s shoes takes up about 10 inches. I only had 17 1/2″ to work with, but if I went into the molding I could get 20 inches or so. With the open pipe framing of this project, the asymmetry wouldn’t be too noticeable so I decided to go for a whole 20 inches.(I’ll note this as we go along, but my photos Air Jordan 6s don’t match the written words because one side of my shelf Air Jordan 12s is 3/4″ deeper to allow for attachment to the molding.)by pharmer.

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