20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan Fusion 4 Sprinkle some baby powder on your feet

How Can I Prevent The Blisters?I can provide you with two brilliant solutions to the wrath of the Jelly shoe. These essential solutions are as followed:

Sprinkle some baby powder on your feet. (Trust me)

I know what you’re thinking “baby powder? I don’t want to mess us my shoes”. But the baby powder makes so much sense if you think about it. The powder will dry your feet! It is Air Jordan Fusion 4 the accumulating sweat that creates friction between your foot and the jelly shoe. You can easily buy a small bottle of baby powder and carry it around with you all day so you could discreetly pop to a toilet to touch up your feet. Sounds funny now, but you’ll have the last laugh when you don’t have a blister and all the other girls do.

Alternatively, you could just buy some sweet and delicate ankle socks. Ankle sock fashion is a really feminine trend and there is such Jordan Pro Strong a vast choice of socks available; this will also enable you to change up the style of the jelly shoe, especially if you have a clear jelly shoe.

Why Not Plasters?You may be thinking about using plasters to lessen the friction, but I don’t recommend using them with Jelly shoes. Why not? Well, Jelly shoes should be snug on your foot to prevent movement while walking; this is mind plasters will create width to your foot and Nike Air Foamposite One the shoes may feel tighter and as your feet expand with the heat as well as beginning to sweat the plasters will roll up, exposing your blisters once more.

From personal experience I couldn’t get my foot into my Jelly shoe with a plaster on my foot, it curled up and I had to take it off altogether.

My Final WordI hope you have learned even the smallest of things from this hub post, Air Jordan Spizike if you already knew about the solutions do you have any more Air Jordan 4s to suggest? If so feel free to comment as it will be greatly appreciated!

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