20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan CDP passion and hot sex in your relationship will skyrocket

Hot sex doesn’t begin in the bedroom. Someone said it begins in the kitchen. Hot sex actually begins in many places other than the bedroom or the kitchen. Hot sex begins with arousability. Arousability is the feelings and sensations that cause the brain’s sexual circuits to activate and turn on Desire.

Each person’s arousability button is unique. And it is not what you think. Arousability buttons are very non sexual. They create in the person mental and emotional pathways that allow Desire to flow freely. Arousability buttons are formed from a person’s experiences Air Jordan CDP as they grow up. Most of us are not even aware of the power of our arousability buttons. But pushing them can create powerful feelings of Love, Connection and Desire.

Passion Button One: Expressions of Appreciation these are written or spoken genuine expressions of admiration, appreciation, gratitude and Air Jordan Future thankfulness. A small note hidden in underwear, written on a foggy mirror, or tucked into a shoe, etc.

Passion Button Two: Tokens of Love small gifts given just to say “I am thinking about you.” Given for no other reason (no holiday, or occasion “just because”). A packet of gum with a note “Your bubblelicious!”, a piece of their favorite chocolate, a key fob, a cheap little silly toy.

Passion Button Three: Silent Service do things for the person with out being asked and without an expectation of a return. This one takes some work at observation. Notice what the person does for you or others then quietly do that for them.

Passion Button Four: The Times of Your Life spend quality time together. Do simple things like take a 10 minute walk, star gaze, or just sit in the dark and listen to sounds your hear and see how many you can identity.

Passion Button Five: Touch touch in non sexual ways. Hold hands for no reason. Give a neck, back, or foot massage. Scoot close when watching TV or a movie. Touch a shoulder when talking and exchanging information and so on.

Each one of us responds unconsciously and very Nike Air Foamposite One powerfully to at least one Passion Button. To figure out yours, think Air Jordan Fusion 5 about what you do to another person to express love or gratitude. Do you most often speak or write a note? Do you like to give a gift? Do you do things for them? Do you just like to hang out with them? Or do you find yourself giving hugs?

Figuring out your own Passion Button is easy. The challenge is to figure out your partner’s and then push it everyday. If you push their Passion Button consistently, the level of love, desire, passion and hot sex in your relationship will skyrocket.

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