20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 9s many

In reality you should take every Chuck Norris joke and substitute Chuck’s name with Danny Way’s. Air Jordan 9s No offense to Chuck but Danny has actually accomplished things in real life that are worthy of this honor. “Why did Danny Way jump the Great Wall of China? To get to the other side.”. Danny out toughs Chuck any day and he’s not acting.

Photo by Jason Chapman

Those of you not familiar with Danny Way need to know that Danny has broken world records, been a partial owner in one of the biggest shoe companies in the world (DC Shoe Co.) and currently owns Plan B Skateboards. He has been a pro skateboarder, motor crosser and snowboarder. He has recovered from a serious spinal injury and still keeps pushing because of his serious drive to progress. A large majority of skate progression has been lead by Danny Way. He pushed street style tricks on vert and tested how big you can actually go on street. He also gave skateboarding a unique gift of terrifying insanity by introducing the world to Mega Ramp skating.

Now that we have established that Danny Air Jordan 3s is an amazing and original skateboarding trail blazer, lets get to the movie, Waiting for Lightning. This documentary has the difficult job of telling you how Danny Way became Danny Way. Through the victories and extreme hardships he has experienced in his life, all in just two short hours. Surprisingly to me, the film’s anchor point is the jump over the Great Wall of China. I always thought of this as just another notch in Danny’s belt. One of the many, many, many things he has accomplished in his life. The film flashes back and forth from his childhood and early career to the Great Wall ramp construction, planning and the eventually the jump Air Jordan DMP which was witnessed live on television by millions of people live on Chinese television. Using the wall jump as an Air Jordan 1s anchor point was actually a great concept. It did the jump justice and let you know Air Jordan 12s just how difficult it was on all levels. To honor this historic jump, the country of China inscribed Danny’s name in gold on the wall! This is an honor only a few in history will ever possess.

The glimpse into Danny’s childhood was heartbreaking. The tragic death of his father and troubled family life shaped his unflinching character. This early strife was a seemingly necessary evil that Danny had to endure to give him the un wavering determination that ultimately catapulted Danny to greatness. Through this film’s sharing of those experiences the viewer realizes that despite being a legendary skateboarder, Danny is still a human being that has suffered hardship and loss not just the facade of glitz and glamourous lifestyle of the professional skateboarder’s seen on MTV.

Being a huge fan of Danny I have seen all the helicopter bomb drops and Great Wall jumps and Plan B parts but I was really looking for a little bit of business Danny. For instance how he took the rains at Plan B and re established the brand as one of skateboarding’s biggest and brightest. His successes in the tough business of skateboarding are equally impressive as some of his tricks on a skateboard. The film doesn’t touch on this at all but was still very satisfying on every other level. If you grew up watching Danny innovate in the old H Street videos or saw Danny land a 900 in Santa Cruz’s Risk It video you will love this film. Im sure if you are new to Danny, you will find it just as interesting.

Waiting for Lightning is directed by Jake Rosenburg who I believe made a Think (Brand of Skateboard) video in the 1990’s. Needless to say he has come a long way. For a documentary this film looks great and the editing and over all feel of the picture are top notch. Go see the film in a movie theater if possible and show Danny and Jake some love they did a fantastic job! Jason Chapman The National Skateboarding Examiner

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