20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 7s except the Asics

I don’t have 100% flat feet but my arches are very low in one foot so I can relate. I am not experimental with my road shoes (Asics GT2160), but I try all kinds of trail shoes!

I have worn Asics GT2150 Trails, Brooks Cascadias, Montrail Masochist (I II) and Salomon CrossMax. I alternate now between the Masochists and the CrossMax depending on the ruggedness of the trail. I am comfortable in all of the shoes (except the Asics) and I’ve worn them for extended periods of time.

Trail running is something of a Air Jordan 7s different animal for road running due all the variations foot movement (jumping over roots, avoiding rocks, steep descents) etc. If I were you, I would go to a running store and get fitted specifically Jordan Pro Strong for trail Air Jordan 10s shoes. They will take your specific foot needs into consideration as well as the Air Jordan CDP terrain you are running. A good running store will let you return them if they don’t work out!

The Cascadias are great on different surfaces! Our trail varies between ruts/washouts, loose sand, hard packed dirt, regular dirt road and a short paved section that’s shared with the adjacent bike trail. I usually run to the trail from our house too, and that’s a split of regular road and Air Jordan 10 Retro sidewalk. The only thing I do differently with the Cascadias is wear thinner socks, because their fit is a little different from my Ghost road shoes.

I too have a wide foot, with bunions (lucky me!). I have normal arches, though, so flat footed runners might need an orthotic for a little extra arch support.

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