20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 6s When we went outside

My delightful task for the dayNotice the yellow paint on the ear of this darling puppy. A couple of days ago I went to visit my parents in a nearby city. While I was gone, my husband attempted to repaint the back part of our fence.

Two of our back door neighbor’s puppies were visiting. One of them stuck his or her head into the yellow paint can. Both puppies were continually underfoot.

My husband resorted to petting both puppies with one hand and Air Jordan 6s painting with the other. He also tried to make certain that neither of the puppies got in the road when a car was driving Air Jordan 2010 by. You see, there is a road that separates our neighbor’s house from our house. These puppies are not old enough to understand the danger of cars going by.

At one point, a car was getting ready to pass by. One of the puppies had wandered into the road. My husband was holding the paint can with one hand and the paint brush with the other. He was so anxious to try to motion for this driver to stop that he accidentally sent the brush flying.

Fortunately, the driver did stop Jordan 2 Retro in time.

This morning, my husband wished to finish the job. I agreed to babysit the puppies to make certain they did not get near the paint can or wet paint on the fence. I also wanted to make certain they were not in the road when a car was driving by.

When we went outside, my husband was immediately surrounded by six of the eight puppies. I quickly went back inside to bring out some French fries we had leftover from a meal out. I lured the puppies up the hill to the back of our house while my husband remained at the bottom of the hill painting.

I spent over an hour playing with them and watching over them. Naturally, I was soaking up the Vitamin D at the same time as the sun was shining down on this hot early May day.

At one point, I went inside and got my camera. Please enjoy these multiple pictures of these precious pups sired by two different mothers within weeks of each other.

These pictures were taken several weeks back. Scooter on the left was Miss Personality. Blondie on Air Jordan 13s the right was a sweetie as well.

Blondie gave birth to nine puppies. Little Bit was one of the nine. About two or three weeks later, Scooter gave birth to six puppies. Unfortunately, the neighbors decided to not keep either Air Jordan Fusion 4 Scooter or Blondie. Hopefully, they found both of them a good home.

I’m not certain how many of the remaining puppies they’ll keep. In the meantime, I will enjoy being “Aunt Debbie” and my husband will enjoy being “Uncle Randy.” We will occasionally feed them leftovers and failed recipe attempts and restaurant food that we do not wish to eat or keep.

I am taking great pleasure in what I call my “vicarious puppies” all of the fun but none of the responsibility.

These pictures were also taken several weeks ago.

The large dog that I am calling “Big Dog” is actually named “Puppy.” He is massive. He’s a little skittish but quite sweet. He is also very territorial with other male dogs. He considers his yard and our yard his personal property. Woe to any male dogs who try to venture near.

Blondie and Scooter had given birth to their puppies. They loved to get a break from motherhood and hide out in our yard to sun themselves and rest. They both captured my heart. My husband and I were both sorry to see them go.

The neighbors still kept Big Dog. He appears to be rather protective of the little pups unless they get too close to his food. Notice the yellow fence at the bottom of our yard. Also, notice the road. Hopefully none of the pups will ever get run over.

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