20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 6s walking

Lately I have found myself wondering what it would be like to walk in someone else’s shoes. The thoughts I pondered didn’t last because I can only walk a million miles in my own shoes but as I pass by other wanderers I realize I am not alone in this journey. Most of us are just trying to find our way to that place that is meant just for us. Others have become numb and disenchanted because of what life has thrown at them. Living life from a spiritual level can be hard but it is really the only true way. As I wrote in the SELF, INC, Life Program Handbook, the Mind and Body are so easily misguided. We are not our minds and our bodies just encase our beings so that we can survive on this Earth. This truth may seem profound at first but it is what it is. Our Spirits are well Air Jordan 6s protected within us and hold the compass that can lead us out of any storm or tribulation. Yes, I can only wear my own shoes, who has time to try on somebody else’s? But I see myself in everybody around me. We are all interconnected Spiritually. Sometimes enlightenment comes upon a group of people, a community, an organization suddenly. It is become more and more rare, but it does occur. When it happens everyone just “gets it.” It can be a revelation about a company you work for. You may go to your job one day and realize you have been working for thieves. You may be part of an organization that is supposed to be helping your community but instead is a front for money laundering. I am not suggesting that every awakening reveals negative circumstances but the reality is that our world has lost touch with the essence of why we are here to begin with.

We were designed to be Lovers. Lovers of Mankind and the Earth we live in. When I practice active listening to my Spirit’s voice I gain the guidance, knowledge and power to change the course I am on. If I ignore it and let my Mind, which is just a computer regurgitating data regardless if it true, ethical or morally sound. If you allow it, the Mind will rationalize a situation to the point of utter disgust, and you will be left with a complete sense of Air Jordan 10s confusion and your personal power will have been diffused.

As human beings we cannot waste even Air Jordan 18s a second on something or someone that is only out to steal and destroy us. When it comes to our Mind, it is not it’s fault. It is just doing it job whether it is corrupt or not. We are the gatekeepers. If we don’t dump the all the crap we have collected in the form of judgements, assumptions, accusations and countless other forms of trash, our Minds will just keep using what it has and throw out conclusions that we assume are true and are based on actual facts. So many of our fellow human beings may think they are “aware” of what they are doing and that they are in control, but the reality is that they have bought into a lie. No spirit led person would ever do anything that opposes the Law of Love. If and when they do, they are acting according to what their Minds and Bodies are telling them to do. They are behaving no differently than a typical Air Jordan 14s animal. Even though we can “think out” and rationalize our decisions and actions, in the end we will always resort to doing whatever it takes to survive.

Self preservation is not the problem, it is how we go about it. If we allow God to speak to our Spirits and actually take the time to listen, we are guaranteed 100% that the guidance we receive will only promote love and prosperity for ourselves and our fellow beings. Regardless of the sacrifice we may have to make, ultimately it is about being able to wake up every day and say YES to life and no to death. You can be breathing, talking, walking, going to the PTA meetings, playing with your kids but still be “dead.”

We were designed for such greatness but the world is what it is and how we respond to it will control the destiny of our lives. The choice is always ours. Free will is a God given gift, but very few of us know how to control it and use it to our advantage so we can further the progress of our lives and humanity. We are being called on a universal level to STOP and ask ourselves, “when will I stop making it about just me?” Will you not join me in the movement that we deeply need in order to continue to move forward and generate progress on all levels of life?

I am the President of the SELF, INC. Life Program. So I dusted it off, added some insights that I have this past decade and I Air Jordan 23s am now committed to “paying it forward” by spreading the message that: “You need to love yourself first. Lastly, I want to be part of a community of people that are committed to personal enlightenment, that wants to be enlightened and wants to help other people be enlightened, or just want to find the darn light, turn it on in our community and in the lives of others.

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