20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 6s skirts

my niece is having a birthday and she complains she dresses like her 8 yr old sister and she wants Air Jordan 6s to dress like other girls her age. i think she looks fine but to me shes still a little girl. she has never been really allowed to go shopping with other kids her age so Air Jordan 20s she don’t know herself whats cool but she wants to look more her age.

i have OKed the following with her mom and shes fine with it. she has 4 kids and does not have the money or time Nike LeBron 11 or patience to do it herself. so for her birthday i want to surprise her with a shopping trip. get the clothes other kids her age wear. problem is i am long past knowing whats in and cool and i have a 5 yr old boy! so help.

I kinda depends if shes girly ya know. I doShoe Carnival for shoes. : )

OMG so there is hope for my daughter? She may change into a girly girl? Im keeping my fingers crossed because its a dream of mine. My daughter is a huge tomboy. They are all 3 “brand name”kids w/ the worst being the 13 year old. Unfortunately that’s just the world we live in. However, both AE and Hollister have huge clearance selections all of the time which makes it alot easier on the family budget. You can get shirts at all 3 above mentioned stores for cheaper than the Miley Cirus line at WalMart. (same goes for pants, shorts, skirts, etc) If you have a TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, or Gabriel Broswhere you are, that’s a great place to find the name brand stuff for 1/2 the price. Style wise, I agree w/ the bright color graphic tees, definitely the bright colored converses/nikes and the Air Jordan 3s girls seem to wear alot of skinny jeans and layer all their shirts which kind of gives their look a bit of own personal style. Bright nail polish and bright non mathcing socks, nike or converse shoes or boots. She loves eye liner from hot topic, undies jeans from rue 21, jeans from JC pennys also seem to hold up really well even with the holes she likes in them. She just got a new outfit from fashion bug, I didnt know they had her size but she got cute crop pants and a short sleeve hoodie thats adorable. Alot depends on size, she can fit in a few size 16 girls but mostly wears a Air Jordan 4s 0 3 teen.

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