20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 6s or so they thought

Does anyone know anything about broken feet? We brought the girls to gymnastics yesterday and they had the kids climbing up a ladder type thing and apparently Katelyn was going up it but there was a kid sitting at the top not moving on to the next obstacle so Katelyn tried to sit down to wait and the ladder slipped out and she fell and got a small scratch on her foot, we assumed that was all it was since she didn even cry for 30 seconds she was just made there was a small scrap (think not even a paper cut, more just the white Air Jordan 6s line you get). Katelyn finished up and did everything at gymnastics including jumping on the trampoline and into the foam pit. Afterwards we went to put her shoes on and she started crying when I put her shoe on that foot but I figured she was just being dramatic since that is the way she is. We went to dinner and she took her shoe off so now we are thinking it must just be sore no big deal. We get home and hear nothing more about it and she is walking just fine this whole time. Rich said this morning (I leave before they all wake up) it is bruised and he can touch all around that area but if he even goes near that area she starts crying and pulls her foot away. So after my very long story, what do you think the odds are that it is broken and if so are they going to do Air Jordan 2s anything or just tell her to take it Air Jordan CDP easy? (In case it matters she is 2.5 years old and it is the top side of her foot kind of difficult to describe).

I would say that if she is walking on it, it’s probably just really sore, bruised, maybe a small sprain, but probably not broken. I cracked my foot a few years ago when I was pregnant with my first son. I was in so much pain that even laying down my foot was throbbing. I tried everything to not go into Emerg. but the pain was too intense. They couldn’t do any x rays because I was pregnant. But they sent me home with a tensor bandage , and pain killers that I could take with being pregnant. I couldn’t walk on my foot whatsoever. It hurt so bad. And that wasn’t a break, it was a crack in the ankle (or so they thought). twisted ankle, or a slightly sprained ankle would be my guess. I could be wrong though. I would get her checked out anyways if she is saying it’s hurting and it’s all black and blue.

When I broke my foot I could not put any weight on it at all. But I broke it in 4 places. Three of those were the major long bones that run up down the foot. So, not the same thing. If Air Jordan 2010 she can still walk just fine I would think it’s probably just a bruise or maybe sprain/strain.

That being said. a few months ago my son fell playing outside in the grass. He wouldn’t use his arm at all Air Jordan 10s and cried for over an hour. He could still wiggle his fingers so I assumed nothing was broken. Took him to the ped 24hrs later when it hadn’t improved and he had indeed broken his arm. So, maybe just take her in just to be safe.

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