20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 6 Rings at least to those who know Jordan well

Back to Main MenuCelebrationsFraud PreventionManage Your AdPlace an AdJason E. Miczek / Associated PressMichael Jordan immediately becomes one of professional sports’ most famous owners with his purchase of the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats.In a way the move wasn’t a surprise, as Jordan has flirted with ownership ever since his second retirement. He looked into buying the Milwaukee Bucks but couldn’t put a deal together. Then he did buy a piece of the Washington Wizards only to sell it when he made his final comeback. Jordan then bought a piece of his home state Bobcats three years ago and became the team’s president of basketball operations.What has been a surprise, at least to those who know Jordan well, is that he pulled the trigger on the big purchase with his own money. Jordan had hoped to recruit investors to put up most of the money and allow him to be the front man with just a minority share.That is the way the Chicago Bulls, the franchise Jordan knows best, operate. Jerry Reinsdorf is the chairman and the controlling partner, but doesn’t actually own a majority of the team.But Jordan couldn’t quite come up with the partners and at the deadline wrote Air Jordan 6 Rings his own check. Jordan is one of the wealthiest pro athletes in history, mostly because of his long standing association with the Nike, a brand he helped make a juggernaut. Jordan’s shoes and products still sell better than any Nike signature line and Jordan shares in the heavy profits.There is hope in Charlotte that Jordan will be as successful in the owner’s suite as he was on the floor. Right Air Jordan 10s now, though, that is probably just a hope.When he played, no one had the assets Jordan did. He didn’t just own remarkable talent but also had a ferocious quest to lead, plus a killer drive in the clutch. For a while no one could jump higher. Then, when his legs started to go, Jordan worked harder than just about everybody else to stay ahead. It set him apart, he couldn’t be touched.Also well known, however, was how his competitive drive carried over off the court. Whether it was trying to hit a baseball or his gambling habits, be it at casinos or on the golf course.The question is just how all of that will translate to ownership. His love of cigars and wine will fit in with his new competitors, a group of ultra competitive billionaires and multi millionaires. But Jordan will not have the same ammunition he had as a player, when he always believed he had the edge.For starters, Jordan just doesn’t have the money most of his new peers do. One of the first things he said when he bought the Bobcats is that he will not pay the luxury tax. This makes sense, as paying the luxury isn’t always the best business move. It is just ironic because Jordan used to complain about the Bulls not spending enough on players.But the cash limitations will prevent him from gambling on players they way Air Jordan 17s he does on blackjack. It will force him to Air Jordan 7s draft well, which he hasn’t done. The top examples are when he was with the Wizards and . Those are regarded as among the worst top three picks in the last 10 years.It will also force Jordan to be patient and develop young talent, which is also not Air Jordan CDP something he’s been known to do when being in charge. Perhaps the most classic example was when he tired of when they played together in Washington and forced a trade, a deal that ended up helping the Detroit Pistons win a championship.To make any of it work, he will also have to re engage the Charlotte market. Once the annual leader in attendance when the Hornets were there, the fans have not embraced the expansion team that came to town in 2004. It led to huge losses and forced ownership to run on a relative shoestring budget.Yet Jordan, who still lives in Chicago, was an absentee president and may turn out to be a largely absentee owner, not exactly what the community may be looking for.Last summer, Jordan and his six title rings and Dream Team gold medal entered the Hall of Fame. Being a success in his new endeavor, however, might end up being his biggest challenge of all.Marvin Fong / The Plain DealerWhether or not he’s the NBA Draft’s top pick, Evan Turner has clearly put a sparkle in many GM eyes with his play this season.

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