20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 5s orange

Roughly 90 Air Jordan 5s 100 jumbo grow spheres fit nicely into one of our large martini glasses. Those little bottles you get at the local grocery store are not going to cut it. At this point you want to strain and rinse them off with water. Those little bottles you get Jordan Retro 8 at the Air Jordan 4s local grocery store are not going to cut it.

Getting the color you want is somewhat challenging since the concentrated food coloring doesn’t necessarily reflect the true color. Our goal was to make some blue, orange, and florescent yellow spheres. Blue was easy. We just added a half bottle of food coloring to a small dish and let them soak.

Making orange was Air Jordan 6s slightly more difficult because food coloring only comes in yellow (or eggshell) and red. We started by mixing 400 mL of each together hoping a 50/50 mix would give us orange but ended up needing to add another 300 mL of yellow to lighten it up; in my opinion they were still to dark. My advice is Air Jordan 6 Rings start with a lot of yellow and slowly add red until you get the orange color you want. I’ll make some edits later to the guide.

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