20 Mar 2015

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As early as the 1960s, skateboarders were looking for ways to transition their sport onto the snow or even ice during the winter. Over the next three decades, snowskating faded in and out of popularity, until the 1990s, when the sport hit the mainstream to stay. Pioneers like Steve Fink and Andy Wolf introduced modern snowskate designs which remained at the forefront even a decade later. While still mostly an underground sport, snowskating is still widely popular and appears to be here to stay.

Early snowskate designs ranged from long, bindingless snowboards to a skateboard deck with tiny blades instead of wheels for use on ice. In the ’70s, the first product called the “snow skate” was a pair of tiny skis which were strapped to the wheels of a skateboard, giving the ability to skateboard on the snow. The sport of snowskating, as well as these early designs, faded in and out of popularity over time. In the late 1990s, professional snowboarders and skateboarders brought snowskating into the mainstream, and snowskates began to take on the designs still used over a decade later.

Nearly all modern snowskates fall into one of two categories: bideck and single deck. Bideck snowskates are comprised of a skateboard deck mounted over the top of a smaller bottom deck. The bottom deck is built much like a snowboard, with a p tex plastic base and metal edges. Bideck snowskates offer the most control and are intended for all mountain riding.

Single deck snowskates are more for freestyle and trick riding. These snowskates can either be of a snowboard like sandwich construction with a p tex base or made of solid plastic. Single deck snowskates usually have a grooved base allowing better control over the board and greater ease with certain tricks like rail grinding.

If you want an even bigger mountain experience, some companies have introduced the powderskate. Powderskates are usually a bideck design, but are much longer, with many the length of freestyle snowboards. Powderskates were introduced to mainstream snowskating in 2003 by Adam, founder and designer of Florida Powderskates.

4×4 Snowskates consist of a skate deck with four small skis attached to the trucks. While not as popular in the mainstream as bideck or single deck designs, these snowskates offer the most skateboard like feel.

When considering what type of snowskate to purchase, there’s more than just riding style. Most ski resorts will not allow you on the lift unless your skates are equipped with a leash at the very least, and in some cases bindings. Many bideck snowskates can be leashed, but most single decks are not. As a result, single deck snowskating has become much more a street freestyle sport akin to skateboarding.

Also take into account materials and your budget. Air Jordan 5s Plastic snowskates are cheaper, but are slower and less durable. A higher end snowskate will be of laminate construction with a Air Jordan 5 Retro p tex base, the same material used on skis and snowboards.

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