20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 5 Retro How To Make a Wooden Spoon Doll

In the olden days wooden spoon dolls will give hours of fun and Air Jordan 5 Retro entertainment to countless young girls. Nowadays it may be hard to find wooden spoon dolls unless you look at antique shops and stores specializing in country crafts. For a nostalgic look at the good old days, you can recreate these beautiful wooden spoons dolls to decorate your living room or kitchen to bring Air Jordan 6 Rings some country charm to your home with the following steps.

Buy a pack of new wooden spoons. There are some that come in the same size but some manufacturers include wooden spoons in different sizes in a pack. You will also need craft and fabric glue or hot glue gun, needle and thread, scraps of colorful calico, muslin, lace and eyelet trim, yellow, brown or tan yarn and craft paint. You also need some tan or light brown colored felt for arms and hands.

Make a template for the face of the doll. You can make a mom, dad and a young child from a pack of Air Jordan 3s three wooden spoons in different sizes. If you are going to do a family you need to make three templates.

Trace the template over the back side of the wooden spoon and use craft paint to draw and color the face.

Cut several lengths of yarn to create the hair for the dolls. The mom can have a center parted hairstyle with the back drawn in a bun. The small child can have long, braided hair secured with ribbons. Dad will have a regular hairstyle for men.

Draw a pattern for the dress on paper. You will basically be creating a T shaped dress pattern with a slightly raised neckline. The shape should be wide enough that you can gather it around waist to form a wide and shirred at the waist long skirt. The skirt should cover the end of the spoon handle. Cut two pieces of the dress in bright calico fabric.

Draw a petticoat pattern on paper. This should of the same width as the dress. Cut this from the muslin.

Hand stitch or machine sew the pieces at the shoulders, sleeves and sides of the dress. Use clean up stitch for the petticoat. Sew bits of eyelet on the ends of Air Jordan 5s the sleeves and around the bottom end of the petticoat. Add lace around the neckline of the dress.

Cut two arms from the felt fabric. If you want it three dimensional, cut two pieces for each arm, sew around the edges and fill it with fiberfill. Part of the forearms and the hands should be seen from the edge of the sleeves.

Attach the arms to the inside to the sleeves, making sure that the hands face the right way and extended outside the sleeves.

Slip the handle of the spoon through the neckline of the dress. Mark the place where you will gather the dress at the waistline with a pin. Remove the wooden spoon and turn the dress inside out.

Attach the petticoat to the inside of the dress, following mark you made to indicate the waistline. You can either set the petticoat using a sewing machine or hand stitch it in place. Turn the dress over when you are done.

You can use two short pieces of wooden dowel and attach these to the opposite sides of the wooden spoon to indicate the shoulders. In this way there will be a cross bar where the dress can hang and not slip down even if the dress is tied loosely. Use thin grosgrain ribbon to gather the neckline of the dress closer to the wooden handle. Use a wider piece of grosgrain ribbon for the waistline so that the stitching can be hidden. Loop a piece of ribbon and gather the ends and glue or stitch them together. Attach the ribbon loops to the back of the wide part of the wooden spoons.

Do the same for the small child, and make shirt and pants for the dad. Cut feet/shoes from black felt and attach to the inside of the pants legs. For a make doll you may have to cut part of the handle to make way to the creation of two legs covered Air Jordan 14s with a pair of pants.

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