20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 4s or perhaps you just want a new look for them

Dark colors should not be your first choice when it comes to dyeing, but they can be dyed. You will not be able dye dark colored shoes a lighter color, but you can dye them darker shades than they already are. For example, you can successfully dye red shoes deep maroon, wine or even dark purple shades, you can dye blue shoes navy, and you can dye green shoes hunter or forest green Air Jordan 4s shades. Because fabric dyes will not adhere to bleached fibers, never bleach dark colored shoes in hopes of dyeing them a lighter color.

If you’re not working with the proper shoe material you won’t be able to dye the shoes at all, despite the color. To successfully achieve the truest color, only Air Jordan 11s use 100 percent cotton Air Jordan 2s shoes. Shoes made of 100 percent linen, silk or satin can also be successfully dyed, but they may not reach as bold a color as cotton shoes Air Jordan 10 Retro will. Synthetics and fiber blends can also be dyed, but they will typically only be tinted in the color of your choice rather than achieving a true, bright color. Keep in mind that shoes made with more than 50 percent polyester or made with water repellents (like rain/snow boots) will not be able to be dyed at all.

If your white leather shoes are beginning to look dirty or dingy, or perhaps Nike KD 7 you just want a new look for them,.

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