20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 3s more so than the baby

my dr. has scheduled my third csection for the day i turn 37 weeks. is very nervous about me going into labor and doesn’t want to push it “for my health” but i am worried about baby being “cooked enough.” say 37 Air Jordan 3s weeks is full Air Jordan 23s term but i’ve also heard that it takes longest for white, male baby boys’ lungs to develop. Air Jordan 10s out there that has had good or bad experience with 37 week csection???

i’m willing to push him a little on going longer if you think a few days will make a difference. want tome opinions. a worry wart.

i’m really feeling like i should try and wait a little longer. have been out of work since 32 weeks b/c of severe swelling in legs and protein in tt. is way head down and he says i’m thinning but not dialated. can tell they are being a lot more cautious with me since it’s my third csection and i’m 36 years old now. just don’t want him to come tooo soon and us have eating, breathing sleeping problems. also know it’s the ob’s job to Air Jordan 18s worry about me (more so than the baby) so i think i’ll go see our friend who’s our pediatrician tomorrow and ask him what difference a week or five or so days might make. I am surprised your doc will do the c section so early on. Most docs wont do them early then 38 1/2 weeks and if you go in Air Jordan 11s labor then they just do when you get to the hospital.

My c section date is schedule for the 28th and on that day I will be 38 weeks and 5 days. If repeats itself then they will just do the c section when I get to the hospital. I have alaways heard it takes boys longer for their lungs to mature so if he is set on when to do your c section I might ask an amnio to confirm all is well there.

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