20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 23s was his golden ticket Any fan who can run a winning coach

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Had West Virginia won, Rodriguez would have played for the national championship a month later. A Mountaineers victory might have also kept the Les Miles coached LSU squad out of the championship game.

Instead, West Virginia lost a game it should have won, triggering a chain reaction of events that left Miles with a lucrative contract extension in Baton Rouge, and Rodriguez on the sidelines in Ann Arbor.

Now, both coaches are exposed to the harsh and fickle realities of college football, Mandel writes.

That’s where we’ll kick off today’s meandering.

Why not Miles? Because he won a National title and CRUSHED OSU? Because he blew ONE GAME in his career at LSU amid many games that his ballsy play calling won? Because he stood up like a man and took accountability for blowing the game? He sounds exactly like what I want. That said, it a LOT late for this article since what happened already happened. They got Miles, we got RR. By the way, not everyone calling for RR head wanted Lloyd out. I calling for RR head and I supported Lloyd to the Air Jordan 23s bitter end. Why? Because in my mind, Lloyd EARNED my support. He came in during a tough period after Moeller was fired, steadied the ship, and Air Jordan 6s whipped OSU. Then he derailed their NC hopes in year two. By year three, he won a National Title. That, to me, was his golden Air Jordan 15s ticket. Any fan who can run a winning coach, an honest coach with integrity, out of a job after what Lloyd did is a turncoat, imo. RR hasn earned nearly that yet and has turned us into losers, imo.

Folks, it not who he hired it how Bill Martin went about it. He preached integrity and thorough due process. He claimed that he didn want to talk to Les before he got permission but went behind the backs of both the Rutgers and WVU AD department to try and snag their coaches. It was confirmed this weekend by Chris Landry on Fox Sports Radio (he was hired as a consultant by Michigan in the coaching search), that Les wanted to come to Michigan but Martin and the Powers that be didn want anything to do with him and basically used the voicemail/sailing trip as a Air Jordan DMP cover and publicly made it look like they attempted to reach out, even though they had no intentions of ever bringing him here. Bill Martin is a financial wizard and he has brought our a facilities into the 21st century but a football man, he is not. The Nike, WJR and RR deals should have shown us that.

Tru2Blu, The ones doing all the crying out for RR head are probably the same ones who wanted LC head. They think because we Michigan that we are suspose to win evey game no matter what. I for one like the new offence that RR brought in. It exciting to watch and once the players get more time running it I think Michigan will be unstopable. Next year with the same D cord. I also think the D will look Jordan Retro 2 alot better. I been a fan for over 50 years and I know the Wolverines will once again be feared on the field. GO BLUE!!

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