20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 23s and here I’ve got more casual fabrics

Hi, I’m Larry Davidson, the president of Davidson’s Mens Air Jordan 23s Wear in Roanoke, Virginia, and I’m here to answer the question “should I cuff my suit pants?” Well, that depends upon several factors: styling, and the fabrication that’s being used in the suit. The modern suit today has Air Jordan 11s got a much more trim silhouette. Air Jordan 20s The pants, more often than not, plain front with a. and that come down to a very narrow bottom. In that case, a straight bottom without the cuff, will continue that nice smooth, sleek look. In a more traditional suit, the cuff is actually, has got a slightly wider bottom, and some people like to put the cuff on it, because it adds a little extra weight and keeps the bottom of the trouser right down on the shoe. The other consideration might be fabrication. In some suitings, and here I’ve got more casual fabrics, but in some suitings the fabric might actually be too thick and too Air Jordan 2011 heavy to appropriately put on a cuff. Here, while this fabric is a little thicker, the cuff works well. With a fabric Jordan 2 Retro as thick as this corduroy, a bulky cuff would be something you’d probably catch your heels on as you walked, and it might actually look too bulky at the bottom. I’m Larry Davidson, and hopefully I answered your question: “should you cuff your suit pants?”

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