20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 2010 cataracts

If you are looking to find information on golden retrievers, the history and pedigree of one of the worlds best loved dogs goes way back to the 1800’s. Not only is it a great family dog but it is also extremely popular as a hunting companion as well as being an ideal guide dog and search and rescue dog.

Golden’s are easily recognised by their trademark golden coloured coats have been bred to adapt to many different living conditions.

They originate back in the late 1800’s and were bred mainly for hunting in the rough climate of the Scottish Highlands. In order to create the ideal working dog suited to this very harsh environment Air Jordan 2010 they were cross bred with the yellow retriever and the tweed water spaniel (which is now sadly extinct). This helped the animal to adapt to the harsh terrain in the Highlands and ideally suited to retrieving the available game. Other breeding with the Irish Setter, the Bloodhound and even more mixes with the Tweed Water Spaniel have given us the breed that we all know and love today.

They have a beautifully warm and friendly nature but due to them being a very energetic breed of dog, they need quite a lot of exercise. They thrive on human companionship and enjoy lots of running and games. Goldens’ love to swim too and require an owner who has plenty of time to devote to them. Therefore if you are an apartment dweller this type of breed may not be best suited to your lifestyle!

Golden Retrievers love to learn new tricks and because of their natural retrieving capabilities they’re great at games like Frisbee or playing ball. They have a real passion and zest for life and are eager to please in whatever task they are given to do. This makes them a great choice for search and rescue when Air Jordan CDP trying to find a lost Air Jordan 23s person in for example the snow after an avalanche.

With an almost “over eagerness” to please and because they throw their heart and soul into everything, an untrained Golden Retriever may Air Jordan Future not be the ideal companion for someone KOBE 9 who is elderly. But if you have an energetic family that has the time to devote to lots of exercise and games with him he would probably be the perfect pet.

A well cared for Golden can live from between 10 to 14 years but like some other breeds of larger dog they can suffer from one or two health issues. These include allergies, cataracts, thyroid problems and hip Dysplasia. A way to cut down on the possibility of health problems in later life is to make sure you get your dog from a reputable breeder. You should check that the breeding pair has the correct papers that proves they are healthy and not passing down any inherent gene problems to their puppies. For instance OFA and CERF certificates.

It’s certainly true that the endearing qualities and friendly personality of Golden Retrievers makes them the perfect family companion. But this love for people and even strangers makes them a bad choice if you were looking at wanting a watch dog or guard dog.

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