20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 2 Shoes for your interview

If you are attending for a job interview then you will want to ensure that you give yourself the best chance of success. You’ll certainly have brushed up on any questions you may be asked about your experience and qualifications for the job.

However if your qualifications and abilities are the same as the next applicant it will be your appearance that can tip the balance in your favour. This article will offer you helpful guidelines to ensure that your appearance will work Air Jordan 2 for you at that all important job interview.

You need to be sensitive to the job role for which you are applying. For example should you be applying for the role of personal assistant to a managing director you need to tailor your appearance to exude an air of efficiency and smartness. However if you are applying to an independent Air Jordan 10s record company that promotes hip hop and garage music your dress style should be entirely different.

So do your homework know what sort of dress style will typify the indurecty for which you are applying and copy it. However one very useful tip is to avoid extremes don’t outdress the interviewer! Imagine applying to a female office manager if your outfit looks a million dollars and she is wearing standard work clothes, your chances are slim right from the outset. You should always aim for neatness but neutrality.

Shoes for your interview

Many interviewers look at the interviewee’s shoes before anything else and will judge accordingly so your shoes must be clean. Don’t go for stilettos with ultra high heels aim for your outfit to be neat but not dramatic.

Ladies what outerwear should you select for your job interview

Many organisations commonly dress down and jeans and casual wear is acceptable on a day to day basis. However you are trying to ensure that your first impression is better than those competing for the same job so as a general guide look to wear a neat combination of blouse and skirt.

If you are plus size then stick to darker colors and away from vibrant large patterns you are not auditioning to be a set of sixties floral curtains! Stripes will work and be flattering if they are vertical steer clear of horizontal stripes

Tights or stockings

Apparently sales of pantyhose and stockings has been dropping over the past few years as more women choose not to have their legs covered. If you do wear a skirt for your job interview as recommended then it is essential to wear nylon stockings or pantyhose. Pantyhose or stockings will finish your outfit Air Jordan 8s and flatter your legs as well, hiding any blemishes and giving an ‘artificial tan’ to pale legs. Keep the look restrained neutral to dark shades, and avoid vibrant colors or patterns.

Choosing lingerie for your job interview

No, this is not a joke, lingerie can make a difference. Aim for simple elegance; you do not want to appear sloppy to a prospective employer. However it is not a good move to make your interviewer feel you are significantly better dressed than they are! A smart suit, ideally Nike KD 7 with a skirt and not pants. A scent which you may like might be overpowering to someone else if they happen to have a really keen sense of smell, and some people are actually allergic to certain perfumes and smells. There are very few occupations where the possession of long talons will either impress or be an asset; they can result in the wrong keys being hit on keyboards, and in a health care environment for example they can even be a health hazard. Short and neat is best.

Body language at an interview

Body language is very powerful, and you can these tricks to get the interviewer on your side without them even being aware of it.

A firm handshake, whilst looking the interviewer in the eye with a natural confident smile will instantly put you ahead of the pack.

Finally, make sure you’ve done Air Jordan Spizike your homework on the company before you attend. Asking one or two intelligent questions that shows that you have an awareness of the business always creates a good impression.

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