20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 2 Retro Lyle Howe expected in court today

I read a statement online where a person named Guy stated in relation to this matter that: “it Air Jordan 2 Retro means nothing that Mr. Howe is Black”. There was a response to this statement and I quoted the statement Air Jordan 5s below. It’s kinda interesting.

“This is a scary sentiment and speaks to exactly what Black Nova Scotian are afraid of in terms of attitudes of some (emphasis on some) Nova Scotians. black means absolutely nothing That why he didn have a single Black Nova Scotian on his jury panel (out of 200 people). About Air Jordan 1s 3% of the population in NS is Black so if it was a random selection there should have been 6 Black Nova Scotian out of 200 and there were zero. That because as Guy says black means absolutely nothing It means nothing in terms of getting a of your peers and it nothing that there has never been a Black Nova Scotia judge at our Supreme Court, nor at the federal level. And it means nothing that Mr. Howe was really the first high profile Black defense attorney in Nova Scotia and his career is taken away. All of this nothing to some Air Jordan 2011 (again emphasis on some) Nova Scotian Which is why to this jury, his account of what happened nothing Also the fact that she had the same amount of alcohol as he did nothing (and she outweighed him by 50 lbs and Air Jordan Women Size was a more seasoned drinker). had sex with a person that had a few drinks) “Means nothing”. She is a victim and he deserves to go to jail despite the fact that they did the EXACT same thing. And the scary thing is that some people like Guy state that this “means nothing”.”

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