20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 1s It’s something my boyfriend really doesn’t get

Fun on the RunA new pair of running shoes is full of such promise and fun. The thought of how fit you’re going to get, the places you’re going to run to, and the newly felt comfort after running for too long in an old pair of worn out trainers. There are not many better feelings, it’s because you know that they are going to do you good as well as look nice.

It’s something my boyfriend really doesn’t get; he wore the same old pair of Nike running shoes for something like 10 years, admittedly I don’t thing he really ran all that often. Don’t worry within two months of us dating I’d got him into a running shop to buy a good pair. No doubt he was just trying to impress me.

Approximately once a year I buy a new pair, sometimes it’s a little more often but I also have a good range of walking shoes, boots and sandals and I think he ranks them all as one. Its that dreaded ‘not another pair’. Well, if I could I’d have more, it’s not that I wear them all the time but I like to run and I like to have comfort and there are so many great trainers out there that perhaps I do want a few more than I should.

This is a lens in the making so please bare with me and come back often to see my additions to my top 10 running trainers, I might even end up with an archive of old favourites as new designs and brands come onto the market.

As with anything I can only go on what I know and the running shoes I’ve loved to run in.

Asics are by far the best for me and have a really good range, I’m saving up for yet another pair of new running shoes which will make it my fifth pair of Asics.

Though I own a few other brands like the North Face Single Track, I do like to return to my old favourites. Strangely enough I seem to keep my old ones so I can leave them around different places, the car, my sisters, work so I’ve always got a pair to fall back on when needed.

And if you’re looking to pick up your running training then you might like to also think about getting a heart rate monitor to improve your performance during each training session. By targeting your running you will perform better and in a shorter period of time.

Heart rate monitors are a great addition to your run and will encourage you to beat your stats from the last time, HRM’s such as the Timex Ironman and any of the Garmin Heart rate monitors such as the Garmin Forerunner 210 are easy to use and enjoy. So get out there with your new trainers and HRM and go for it!

So back to Air Jordan 1s it, my top favourites trainers for running and training in.

The Brooks PureFlow Number 1 on My ListThe Brooks Pureflow hits the number one spot pure and simply because this is the training shoe I’m using right now. I bought mine in Spring and I’m still loving them. There is a marked difference from regular old style running shoes and this will be reflected in the running shoes that hit the top slots here in my review of Top 10 Women’s running shoes.

Maybe not all of us, but certainly I have moved away from the heavily formed trainers that encouraged heel striking. I’m all for low profile running shoes that instead Air Jordan Fusion 4 encourage a more natural and almost barefoot style running.

Now I know that people will be in two minds about the barefoot trend in running as I know its a big step to so drastically change your running style. That’s why the Brooks Jordan Retro 1 Pureflow is so good, because its an in between shoe. It has all the regular style of a normal running trainer but with the advantage of a low profile, good impact cushioning, a split toe and extreme comfort.

All of this allows for an easy transition from your old trainers to a new form of running. However please be warned that if you get these you will have to give your body time to adapt to the new forefoot style running as you really do not want to trash your Air Jordan 20s calves. Take it steady and mix up your running until you can run further without heel striking.

These are a superb pair of trainers I’ll be wearing and wearing.

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Brooks Women’s PureFlow 3 Lightweight Running Shoes, Color: Black/Fuchsia/Anthrcte/Silver, Size: 9.0 Buy Now

My Top Pick Air Jordan Fusion 5 For North Face Single Track Running ShoesJust to prove that not just Asics have a place in my heart for giving comfort to my feet. These North Face Single Track trainers seem to be doing a pretty mean job of it also.

Bought these this year so I’d have a fresh pair of trainers for yet another mountain race and they perform really well.

I have to admit I chose these partly because they looked so damn good. I wanted a pair of trainers to double up for running and for wearing around town to keep my tootsies comfy and I’m still wearing them.

These have a great tread, ankle support and a fab piece of fabric across the tongue to hold it in place. I reckon can give a pretty mean fight for first place against the Asics Cumulus.

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The North Face Women’s Single Track Hayasa Trail Running Shoe,Magic Magenta/Synergy Blue,9.5 M US Buy Now

The Gel Cumulus Asics Running ShoesThis is still my favourite running shoe, though you’ll no doubt be buying new running shoes and have an updated, more advanced version of mine.

This Gel Cumulus 12 offers great comfort and cushioning for the whole foot, so by that I’m not just referring to the sole of the foot. It’s got a real comfy ankle support and tongue and the mesh across the toes allows your foot to breath but feel nicely held in.

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