20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 19s with a handmade design guaranteed to go the distance

Whilst many companies have moved their manufacturing plants to Asia where cheap labour offers considerable cost savings, Mephisto has stuck to its traditions and continues to make shoes in the same place in its native France as it has for over 50 years. Mephisto shoes still offer a handmade Air Jordan 19s design, although they now produce over 100 million pairs of shoes a year. The brand is highly popular in its France, and also in Germany, Austria and Switzerland where hill and mountain walking in highly changeable conditions requires highly comfortable and hard wearing walking shoes.

The same high quality construction is easily seen in their latest line of footwear, Sano Mephisto. The shoes focus on improving wellness, offering a simple lifestyle change to get the body healthy, whilst increasing the level of toning, correcting the posture and helping with weight loss.

More than simply toning Air Jordan 14s shoes, they help to improve overall wellbeing by stimulating the blood circulation, increasing the range of movement to naturally stretch muscles and ligaments, they correct of the posture to ease tension in the back, neck and shoulders and cushion the shockwaves from walking to protect the joints.

Sano Mephisto still offer the hand stitched finish and excellent fit, and a quality of construction which is second to none. However, far from only Jordan 13 Retro using traditional methods, the Mephisto have developed a host of new technologies for their toning shoes. Under Air Jordan 7s the heel, the Power Stimulator gets the body back on the heels promoting an upright posture, whilst acting as a shock absorber to cushion the heel strike. The energy is returned, propelling the foot through a smooth rolling motion to the toes, increasing the pace of walking and boosting cardiovascular fitness. The shoes effectively create a negative heel, as is found in womens earth shoes, which ensures a good posture whilst improving the walking gait.

On the journey from heel to toe, the Multi Vibration System under the forefoot increases leg and buttock toning instabilities, getting the muscles working harder with each step. The shoes can get up to 30% more muscle activation from exercise, speeding up toning and weight loss whilst boosting fitness levels.

The fashionable design and excellent colour schemes are appealing, the health benefits first rate, and the comfort and high quality construction unbeatable. Released in a men’s and women’s range, they are the perfect partner for a new and healthier lifestyle, with a handmade design Air Jordan Spizike guaranteed to go the distance.

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