20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 19s sometimes very

Shoes Reinventing the Classics

If you think boots hide your best assets, you’ll love the new shoe styles:

Kitten heels These diminutive heels are feminine, Air Jordan 19s delicate and popping up everywhere in shoes with sparkling finishes or soft fabrics. Air Jordan 15s They’re the opposite of what we’re seeing with most boot styles buckled and brassy without a frill in sight. This season is no different. They’re high, sometimes very, very high, and even though Air Jordan DMP they can Air Jordan 11s look dramatic and may eliminate the need to have your new pants hemmed, use some restraint. Where stiletto heels look sexy and sophisticated, Air Jordan Fusion 4 chunky high heels can carry this year’s tailored looks in suits and coats without appearing mannish. In bold contrasting colors, you’ll see shoes sporting heels, straps or buckles in shades so different from the rest of the shoe that they look like someone stepped in a bucket of paint.

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