20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 18s and Darren White hr For Silica Ryan Giberson

Lots to report today, starting with an account of Royal Ice Cream’s first win of the year, sent in by Luc Berube. Check it out .

Royal Ice Cream plays in the C League and Tuesday night pulled off their first win of the year as they were 0 7 for the season. Unfortunately, they were missing two elite players on their team (Tim Shanahan, Mike Hartnett) who had to quickly field a team and found two substitutes, one of them being myself and the other named Joel (do not know his Air Jordan 18s last name). In my first game, I went 2 5 and helped my uncle’s team (George Covey) surpass a team that was filled with a bench full of players to our Air Jordan Fusion 5 ten. They soon scored one to make it a tied game at 17 all. Going into the top of the eighth inning we scored six runs to make the game 23 17. The home team then came up and scored five runs but it Air Jordan Future was not enough as we won 23 22. It was a solid team effort as the fielders played their positions very well especially Tony Caporiccio, who played like the swift and agile Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith with his sweet skills at short.

Meanwhile, Maguire’s avenged a recent loss to New Pepe’s by winning a close one, 11 10, as Elliott Dejesus went 4 for 4 with two homers. As Robyn D. cryptically notes .

Elliott tied it up in the top of the 7th with a solo HR. I am proud to finally get to say. Mike Draugelis hit the perfect single that brought Craig home to win the game!!!! Could he be a sleeper cell? Way to go Drag!!!!!

Finally, in the “A” League, there were some uncharacteristcally one sided games this week:

Berman Russo 24, NE Silica 4 The Lawyers remained in a tie for first with a convincing win over Silica. Russo leaders: Trip Fisher 2hrs,Chris Mattia grand slam,and Darren White hr. For Silica Ryan Giberson,Brian Bellody, and Mike Air Jordan 2s Yolcose led the attack.

Titan Contractors 22, Fast Eddys 10 Down 8 0 early, Titan scored 18 runs over the next two innings to take charge. Robert Rudolph 4hits hr 3rbi , Earl Sherman 3hits hr 3rbi and Steve Crispino 3hits grand slam led the offence. Gip, Murph, and Brett led Eddys

Titan 16, Eddys 1 Behind stellar pitching from Jon Bronzi and great defence from Carl Stebbins the contractors completed the sweep. Offensive leaders were Rich Bogie 3hits 2hrs 5rbi, Rich Bonzani 3 hits, and Earl Sherman grand slam. Marc Foush, Ryan Fagan, and Nick S played well Air Jordan CDP for Eddys.

I’m going to pass along these emails verbatim, and thank Dr. Bill Taylor of for taking the time to write. These messages arrived about an hour apart yersday morning:We witnessed a frightening accident westbound on 84 in the Vernon area (I

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