20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 18s all star practices and play offs

There are over a million reasons the pregnant lady may be crying, but I thought it be fun to showcase 100 reasons the pregnant lady may be crying. I cried at The Wedding Singer. The part when Adam Sandler character sings to Drew Air Jordan 18s Barrymore character on the plane. It just looked so real! Drew Barrymore was shaking as tears were forming Air Jordan 9s in her eyes; Adam Sandler genuine smile melted my heart.

She stepped on a LEGO. Seriously, that crap hurts like the dickens.

She heard a sad or sentimental song on the radio.

She can eat because she’s puking everything up especially her favorite foods.

She didn get outside fast enough and missed the ice cream truck.

Spilled breast milk.

The commercials for the SPCA. Sarah Mclachlan must stop.

She has zero help from her spouse and is so tired from taking care of the other kids, housework, working full time, all star practices and play offs, cooking dinner, etc.

She can see her feet anymore.

She can see Air Jordan 10s her vagina anymore!

Her spouse is snoring and she can fall asleep.

She just wanted a snack and Air Jordan 4s the vending Air Jordan 23s machine was broken.

She got home from McDonalds only to realize the sweet and sour sauce for the nuggets wasn in the bag and that made the nuggets inedible.

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