20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 16s Latakia travel guide

Lattakia is a city extending back to Ancient Greek times, and continues to be an important commercial port for Syria today. The city itself consists largely of white stucco highrises and streets lined with palm trees, and the most popular beaches are along the coast to the north of the city. Lattakia is home to one of Syria’s largest universities, Tishreen University, and the city tends to be relatively socially progressive and liberal (by Syrian standards), with a mixed population of Christian, Alawi, and Sunni inhabitants.

Get in[edit]

Frequent, air conditioned, inexpensive buses connect Lattakia with Aleppo, Damascus, Hama, Homs, and Tartous. The bus station, located next to the train station on the southern end of the city, has departures throughout the day to each of these cities. Travel time Air Jordan 16s from Lattakia to Damascus is 4 5 hours[1]. Hama, 2.5h, 100 SP) from the service taxi station a little north east of the train station.

Note that the express trains are more comfortable and clean and obviously much quicker.

One can walk along the corniche, although it is otherwise not a very walkable city, due to distances between points in the city (beach, downtown, resort hotels, Ugarit, etc). Destinations are labeled in arabic, but the busses are numbered, operate frequently and follow predefined routes. Illustrative maps indicating intersections of bus routes are found in the busses. Safuan hotel is able to provide you with a hand made map of bus routes 1 and 2.

A ticket is 10 SP and valid Air Jordan 18s for two rides.

Bus number 1 runs in a circle from the train station via Zera’a, the port, the corniche back to the train station and may be useful for getting to/from the train station to the city center.

Bus number 2 starts near the city center at the beginning of 14 Ramadan Avenue and goes via the the University to the new microbus terminal.

Ruins of Ugarit. The ancient Phoenician city which lays claim to developing one of the Air Jordan 3 first written alphabets in the world. Located about 20km north of Lattakia, it can Air Jordan 2010 be reached by an organized tour from a hotel in the city, or, for those who are confident in their bargaining skills, can be reached by taxi, but it is important to arrange Air Jordan 10s for joey to come pick you up in the taxi to wait (for a fee), since the road near the Ugarit entrance is not heavily trafficked by taxis for the return trip.

Loop run around Latakia Sports Complex, N35.5539760 E35.7531140, [4]. See the link for the GPS track and video of the route. Quiet run around the sports complex completely on side walks off road. During the winter months, the area was mostly deserted of cars and people, save a few runners, walkers, and soccer players. The traffic is heavier in the summer. The complex is about 8km away from the center of Latakia. There is a geocache inside the complex[5].

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