20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 16s but hei On the plus side

Hei yo, I’m Jennella. Welcome to my spiffy blog made by the bestest and most kawaii person ever, doragon! Isn’t she awesome? I love her! ^ ^ This is probably going to be very boring, seeing as I have virtually no life and am a social hermit, but feel free to read at your own risk of your questionable sanity. There will probably be a lots of rants, also, so that my blog can suffer rather than my friends breaking necks trying to smile and nod to placate me. See? I love you guys! This way you can stop reading whenever you want instead of wishing there were an off button for my mouth. c’mon, I know you’ve all wished that at some point or other. If you’re really bored, feel free to read about my sad little life, or lack thereof. Maybe my insanity and inherent weirdness will be amusing or something. ^^

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Wow, I actually played EverCrack again yesterday. Started a new character a Cleric and besides all the times I died and the fact I accidently killed some fairies (oops, bad faction) and another guy Air Jordan 16s that was getting power leveled with me kept taking my kills and exp, it was fun. Definately more fun to play a caster, don have to chase down my kills when they run ^ ^ And a guy joined my guild that speaks japanese, wai wai! Sahade thought it was funny, I think.

I seriously in withdrawl or something. I have nothing to write and nothing to draw, I have no imgination to make something, but I still want to draw! And I want to write! School is starting soon and I feel like I wasting my last few days of summer or something. Not that I expect school to be very hard when I start, but hei. On the plus side, I think Im getting better at drawing guys now. Bishi effeminate guys, but still! I getting better!

Waah, I so bored. Nothing can hold my attention, it so sad.

I got a postcard from Ivory chan :D! It of the Redlight District in Holland, complete with stained glass naked women windows and real hookers, teheh. Ooh! And I got LYCHEE!! Wai wai!! I scared my mother since I started squealing and bouncing around in the store when I saw them. Oishii! I kinda pity my parentals, they have to suffer with my recent extreme sugar highs from candy, Air Jordan 1s lychee, code red, and cherry pepsi. Ah well.

At least I managed to draw a bit lately, amazing as the concept is. I decided on and designed Hikyuu Ainu “bear” accessory thing; whoot, first picture I ever drew of my own character! How sad. I also redesigned Neko outfit again, since I wasn really happy with the last one I did. The new one is a little more simple and unique, and just fits her personality better. As soon as Kodai outfit is designed I want to make a family picture or something, since so far there aren really any in existence. All our Majik Megami pictures have to be redrawn anyway, so it doesn really matter.

I caught up to my downloads of Inu Yasha now, too. Finally. Watching up in the 70 now and I still haven seen the parts from my manga. Yareyare, this series is going to go forever, Takahashi sama has a thing about epic mangas or something.

I been on my mom about getting me DDR this year finally, and it looks like I finally get it. Though I kinda fearing that it not going to even play on my PS2, being an import and all, in which case I have to buy a Japanese Playstation or PS2. Mod chips will screw up my system supposedly, and I don want to have to go through another one (since this is my second PS2 already). I don really mind though, then I could put it in my room and be able to buy other import games too, like Hikaru no Go and Inu Yasha and DVDs too _______!!

Eeehhhh. nothing else.

Hahah! I finally understand the second ending of Inu Yasha (now that I begun watching the series again and trying to catch up a little). Hnng! Sesshoumaru sama! Not entirely sure if there a little insinuation in Jordan Pro Strong there that Inu Yasha is stronger than Sesshoumaru now, or if he just more stupid and lucky, but at least he still doesn win when they fight. Fluffy is so kakkoi! :D!! Hah, sad to think I still have at least two or more series to catch up on after Inu Yasha.

I actually gotten to the point of blatently yelling at my mother and forcefully reminding her of her ever growing obsession with EverCrack. I don even mind that she plays it, since she can really go out and socialize, and overall it a good thing for her, but damn! Even I like a little attention now and then, I was starting to feel downright neglected and it sucked. At least I got it to stick in her head for a while now, I think. Hurei for small miracles.

Ugh. School starts again next week and I seriously need to review and relearn most of the kanji we were taught last semester. I had known around 150 before, I remember maybe half of that if I lucky, at the moment. What worse is that I still having trouble with Katakana. again. No matter how many times I memorize them for tests and finals, I always forget a good portion of them not long after. It quite pathetic, really. At least my anime watching lately is letting me practice my Hiragana reading with the themes, as well as extending my slang vocabulary!

My sleep still hasn returned to normal, and I can figure out why it so hard to get a Air Jordan 13s normal night of sleep during summer. I think that without having classes and other junk to worry about, I be able to laze about and sleep all the time like my usual summers, but nooo. Gawd, my body sucks. Ah well.

I actually managing not to get too depressed, now that Aniki is gone. I kinda sad that I didn get to say bai or anything, and it just sucks that he even gone, but I sure he be having a lot of fun at Oberlin. Still, I miss him a lot already.

Oh! And a miracle hath occured due to my slight bout of depression : I cleaned my room!! Clean cleaned it, instead of organizing the junk and shoving it all into corners. I can see my carpet again!! Anyone who really knows me or has ever been in my room would understand why this is such a shock. But hurei for having a clean room again!

Besides that, I mostly been occupying myself with attempts at drawing and watching some of the anime I fell behind on. Mostly Inu Yasha now since I finished Shoujo Kakumei Utena. Chenged who I being for Halloween yet again, also. Kimi and I decided not to do Chobits since so many people cosplay the Chiis, and now she doing her beloved Gaara and I being Kankuro. Whoot. Hmm. not much else, so I put in some quiz results. Douzo!

:: how jedi are you ::

I developed a strange affinity or something for Utena lately. I finally got around to watching the rest of the episodes and now SKU has moved up to my “currently obssessed with” list. I dunno, I just really like her character and the whole “I don want to be the Princess that gets swept away. I want to be the noble Prince that saves the Princess” attitude, it a lot like me. I have more of a guy mentality than a girl so I really like the character that acts like I do. Hah, from Armitage to Utena, I wonder which fits me better.

I haven actually been doing a whole lot, trying not to think overly much and get depressed. I went out friday with Hans, Ingrid and Hana to the beach and burned the shit out of my back. Besides that I mostly been watching anime and thinking up various Majik Megami and cosplay things. I think Kimi chan is rubbing off on me for once I actually getting slightly depressed at my low ability to draw (I would say inability, but my friends would kill me and I know that I have at least a little skill). I wish I could just whip out pictures like Hoshi and Kimi; Hoshi doodles are better than my month long projects and Kimi can sketch well proportioned and angled pictures quickly. About one fifth of my sketches are actually decent, the rest are all so bad that give up on them and move on to something I can actually work with, seeing as how it takes me months to finish one anyway. But then, maybe it just all the other depressing things going on that my lack of talent (I seriously on have skill to go by) is just another thing added to the mix, and I don really feel like being genki genki. It pass, my ego is too big to be brought down Air Jordan 23s by something as little as difficulty in art, anyway.

I feel. lost or something, I don know. I don even know what my dream is anymore, really. I know I want to go to Japan and make Majik Megami, but if I dreaming of art then why am I so focused on Japanese and languages I can really think of anything useful I can do with knowledge of languages that goes with MM, but I still enjoy it. And hey, maybe it best to know the language since I obviously not going to be the one doing a lot of the artwork. I not good enough, so it more Hoshi and Kimi domain. But it feels like I lost track of it somehow and I don know what to do anymore to bring Majik Megami to life.

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