20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 13s race down the bottom of the hill

Being a cliche is so irritating. And yet, there are about a million ways in which my family is one. We spend a lot of time in a minivan trying to breakup ridiculous sibling squabbles. The Mister works full time and brings home the bacon while I work only part time and bring home the scraps. I buy too many shoes; the Mister gripes at me for it. You get the picture; we one of those typical families New Yorker cartoons like to make fun of.

Whatever. I made my peace with it. Family life is square. Even if you are not.

But the one cliche that I really hate is dad getting to be the fun one. I am the cuddler and the comforter and, in most cases, the softie. But the Mister is without a doubt, the fun one. He wrestles, and swings and climbs trees. I don He plays board games and hide seek and freeze tag. I don

It not that I don play at all. I am good at art projects and reading and four square. I just don have that crazy fun energy that the Mister does. I don like to be jumped on (our kids weigh 40 pounds now a bit much) and, as much as I admire the imagination it takes, I get easily bored playing friends on a mission to fairyland.

So while the cliche of it grates on me, it something I going to have to accept. And really, my position isn so bad. I get most of the snuggles, which is the part I like anyway.

What about you? What are the family cliches that you fall into?

I have a very new baby and I just beginning to realize that I not the fun one, either!! Sigh. I don think I have it any other way, but if my husband were to take over the tasks and chores of parenthood, I bet I feel like playing Wouldn that be fun?? Even just for like, a weekend?? But that the way it goes, I guess.

I think that I will be considered the fun one Air Jordan 13s once the LO comes into our fold. I the more sportier and more energetic one than my husband. I think he will be the one who will take the time to explain how to do things while I will be the one to run around in the backyard with no shoes on, race down the bottom of the hill, swing from branches, etc will probably be the one to introduce our LO to sports since I am the gym teacher. We both pretty athletic; but I will be the one who would start the pickup game while he will join in for something to do. And we both like to play video games so we both be the fun ones with that as well. I think we both be thought of as fun; it just be different types of fun.

I was thinking about this just the other day. Honestly think I the one. BUT I don have time with a needy 8 month old. My poor 3 year old daughter doesn get near enough fun time with mommy. We like to dress up together, and twirl, and tea party. We climb and jump off things! I taught her how to do the monkey bars and pump her feet on the swing. Yet I find myself now saying will have to do that with you because our son is seran wrapped to me lately! I can wait till he wants to get tossed in the air or swung till he dizzy! (Of course that means more wear on mommy!)

Hubby is fun, but he only fun when it convenient for him, which isn often. But I feel that I the more creative fun one. It definitely exhausting having a baby and trying to maintain the role.

On another note don think the cliche of being a soccer mom/minivan driver/too many shoes/ect is all that boring. I think that lifestyle is awesome as is being a mom, no matter what your roll is in the family. If you happy with how your life is probably not all that boring! Honestly those high life NYC mamas who have the chic handbags and latest shoes are nuts IMO, my kids wouldn notice my footwear or even realize that Mommy purse costs over $100 when they sticky fingers are reaching for a snack.

I feel bad for my husband in this. I AM the fun one who will toss them around and play pretend and bust out Candyland for the fifth time that day. My husband likes to snuggle and read to his girls. But since I am mom I am also the go to person for cuddles and kisses, so poor daddy gets treated like a second Air Jordan CDP class citizen. I try to push the Daddy goods as much as I can, but my big girl seems to resist the more I try to talk him up and the baby just wants mom. I assume things will even out in time, but for now my husband feels left out and I am overwhelmed.

I am REAL ok with having vastly different interests than my children. I do not like to play pretend, but I DO like to play board games, so we do that together and my daughter plays pretend with others. I DESPISE crafting, but my daughter loves it so I keep her stocked in every possible craft supply I can find and let her enjoy that activity in private; I participate by proudly displaying her creations and commenting on her skills. I LOVE to read nonfiction, and so does my daughter, so I buy her books and she reads them to me: win/win! I don EVER want to be confused as my child Kids need to understand that the world doesn revolve around their interests and learn how to meet in the middle with others who enjoy other things.

My husband mom, granny, is the funny one. I have been so jealous of her so many times, asshe was the first to make our sun burst into a loud, real laughter, and she still does. I manage to do it sometimes, but she gets there EVERY TIME! Well, she does more extreme physical things with him than I do, with loud voices, and it seems that the trick. On the other hand, he ia always over excited when he sees her and sleeps poorly, so it ok that I am not that funny I play with him as much as I can, asI realized that I have not one single memory of me playing with my mom she was working or housekeeping, and we helped along. My dad on the other hand, he always played with us a lot, even when he had work at home. He would find 5 minutes to start a game for us and then let us on our own for 30 and then back again, and I have a lot of fun memeories with him. I hope that my son will have playfull memories with me.

With a Air Jordan 2s dad working his 14 16 hours a day with hospital and patients, our chiche is to Mommy for (whatever) and daddy sleep most of the times It sad sometimes because those two love eachother SO MUCH that it brings tears to my eyes. I wish they had more time together (and ho,I am much more funny than dad, by the way).

I am SO not the fun one! I am good at doing organized projects with the kids (like art or cooking or other cliches) but I don wrestle or play outside or play imaginative fun games. In fact, I try to force myself to stop being so task oriented at least once a day and just sit down to play. But a few minutes into the game, I realize that it would be so much more fun to play if there weren toys all over the floor and if I just cleaned them up we could build a fort, but of course the toys would fit better into the closet if the puzzles were organized, which means I just need to get a bin from downstairs comment >

I the fun one now, but I also the disciplinarian. And I know it only a matter of time before my husband becomes the fun one, because that just his personality. But for now, I pretty much everything the fun one, the cuddler, the soother, the disciplinarian, the care taker. I the one that chases her around the living room until I catch her and tickle her. I the one that plays hide and seek every day with her when I get home. She laughs so much harder when I playing with her than she does when he plays with her. So I ride this wave as long as I can.

I think in many cases Dad is the fun one because he is blissfully unaware of the behind the scenes work. While my husband is VERY hands on and willing to change diapers and give baths, unafraid of bedtime, etc, it doesn cross his mind to stay up preparing food, bags, etc. to take to daycare the next day, prepare dinner for the next day, fold the never ending piles of laundry, write out the grocery list, mentally note what items they are outgrowing and take inventory of their drawers to begin Air Jordan Spizike preparing for the next growth spurt or upcoming activity, checking calendar for upcoming events and preparing schedules for shuttling them around or setting up a sitter for the rare nights out we get. Who has energy left to be He just thinks it all just magically sorts itself Air Jordan 20s out!

I am not fun either as I am juggling between fulltime job and 2 1/2 year old who will be energised all the time irrespective time of the day or night. Once the day is over partially baby is ready to play with, where as I have to take care of tomorrow diaper bag and lunch bag ready for both of us. daddy does help in household chores and all, but still I am not fun at all. It makes me feel better to know that I am not alone in this baby world.

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