20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 13s if you do it yourself

We’re Air Jordan 13s gonna use an Ivory colored dye that has been pre mixed. The fabric of this shoe is silk, so it’s Jordan Winterized 6 Rings an excellent material for dying because it dries very quickly. It’s important to use materials that dry quickly, otherwise you Air Jordan 17s can get stains and rings on the fabric and it will be difficult to get it consistent throughout.

I would probably Air Jordan 15s suggest, if you do it yourself, that you tape around the edges and inside the lining so it will not stain those areas, and the final look will be clean and clear.

What you want to Air Jordan Women Size do us dip the sponge or cotton ball into the dye and spread it throughout the fabric quickly so you don’t get any marks or runs or rings in there. Also you want to go immediately into the small areas before attacking the big areas.

Note: If there are Rhinestones in your shoes, you have to soak the dye with the cotton piece around them. To do this well, make sure that you do it very quickly.

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