20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 12s your shoes and your accessories So

Hi, my name is Tressa Branin. I’m with Total Style Solutions. Today, we’re here at Azure Bridal and we’re talking about how to wear Air Jordan 12s a Kimono dress. To wear a Kimono dress you need your Kimono dress, your shoes and your accessories. So, let’s first discuss what a Kimono dress is, because when we think of Kimono dress you definitely think of that Japanese style Geisha girl type of dress and there’s this type of dress with a basic look without being that very oriental look. So, it’s the crossover V neck, that higher waist and then you’ve got the longer sleeve as well. Now you’ll notice here with Danni, we’ve paired it with a cami, because she doesn’t want to have too much cleavage showing, that’s one thing with this style of V style neckline, Air Jordan 11s you have to be a little bit Air Jordan 8s careful that you’re not spilling out having too much going on. So for her, she’s more comfortable with the cami to keep it up. sometimes it’s appropriate to have a little bit more Jordan Retro 10 cleavage showing and that’s totally okay in the appropriate moment. You’ll notice that we’ve paired this Kimono dress with leggings and boots. This is a great look for when it’s colder outside in that cold weather. For warm weather you’d probably be very comfortable pairing it with sandals or KOBE 9 even high heels if the dress is long enough to wear for that type of look. So this one is a little short, and it’s a great Winter look with leggings and boots. The fit needs to be very important. It needs to fit your body, careful of your cleavage, pair it with your shoes and your accessories, and this is how you wear a Kimono dress.

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