20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 11s Thanks for all your suggestions

You’re welcome to join us there. They sell their product on a per month basis so the upfront outlay is relatively small (although we did have to pay set up costs). The benefit is you get excellent technical support and product upgrades etc. If you get pro you can spread the cost. Comes with the playout app, scheduler and can play streams :)Tony Wilding posted on Thursday 20th February at 17:20

Hi Richie, the latest pro version of mAirList does include a scheduler, database package and plays streams. It is on a per machine basis Air Jordan 11s so the cost can soon mount up.

The Station Playlist suite although not user friendly for live assist (though can be used for this) as a package is very good for automation. We manage complex speech output at our station and use it both as our studio playout solution and master playout/source switching room PC (which allows the studio to be off Air Jordan 2s air when pre recorded or remote shows are on air).

Thanks for all your suggestions :)Josh Carnals posted on Monday 21st April at 11:42

A late post, but another recommendation for OTS a fantastic play out system. Automatic scheduling, playlist creation, cross fading and the like. I don think there a similar priced Jordan Winterized 6 Rings audio system that does playlist creation as well as OTS, if you want a playlist for an hour have it for an hour, to the second. Obviously heavily depends on how much music you have, and it of varying lengths etc but it a terrific feature for making any station sound very tight and controlled.(sounding big on a Air Jordan 10 budget!)James Martin posted on Monday 21st April at 17:56

I been playing with OTS recently having only ever used it for discos. It very good at what it does, and I going to start playing with the scheduler this week (or at least stick songs in categories!) The singleband compressor is useless for on air use but I recommend using the Air Jordan 6 Rings AGC side of it which is excellent. It also a piece of cake to do stuff like take Sky news.

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