20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 11s I took the assignment

Having his black leather shoes shined simply by putting them outside the door at night to be returned cleaned and buffed the next morning was nirvana.

Putting my shoes out only to be Air Jordan 11s returned with a note saying the hotel could not accommodate cleaning green suede was a bummer.

So was the price I paid to have my white oxford shirt cleaned. It cost me $8.75 to have the garment laundered and pressed while my male counterpart admitted that his larger but similarly styled shirt had only cost $4.75 for the same service.

By then I Air Jordan 1s was on my high horse, making a mental note to look into the reason why I Air Jordan Fusion 4 was being discriminated against. Later, I reviewed the laundry price list in my room and sure enough, there it was in black and white: The charge for cleaning a women white shirt was three dollars more than it was to have a man white shirt cleaned.

Considering Air Jordan 10 Retro my dilemma and how I probably was not going to change a thing by complaining to the hotel laundry department, I decided to be deceptive. The next white shirt I sent out to be laundered at that very hotel I claimed was a men shirt, not a women shirt. Voila! Instant discount with no questions asked.

Up until then I had discovered very few ways in which a woman on the road was treated differently from a man. So in 1985 when I was asked to write Women Travel Guide by a prestigious Boston publisher, I almost bowed out. I could not think of enough ways in which my gender road warrior was unlike the typical male road warrior.

Still, I took the assignment, if only to dispel the misconception that male and female travelers had very different territory to cover. Instead, the book consisted of 25 city profiles written from a woman point of view.

That meant that when discrimination was evident it was noted. More importantly, though, what was noted was that the travel industry had shifted, adjusted and upgraded its services to keep up with the increasing number of neophyte women taking to the road.

That said, following are a couple of hotel trends that have been substantially developed in the past two decades for both seasoned and unseasoned men and women business travelers.

The emergence of the American concierge. The presence of this invaluable hotel staffer is a real boon as far as I am concerned. For me, this person (many of whom are female in what has traditionally been a male role in both Europe and Asia) is like a personal assistant. He or she can usually help book a restaurant reservation, arrange the logistics of a business meeting or get me into a sold out Broadway show with only a few hour notice. One tip: If you are booked into a small property that does not seem to have the services of a concierge, ask. Often, a person behind the front desk in guest relations can assist with the same duties of a typical concierge

An increasing number of hotel business centers. Whether you are staying in a giant convention hotel or a small boutique property, it is likely you will find an office away from home on the premises. Most offer computers, fax machines and standard secretarial support. Air Jordan Women Size Some offer even more, like translation and printing services. Each is a welcome haven when you have work to do and want a quiet place away from the fray in which to do it.

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