20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 10s the swishing wasn’t a bother

For Philadelphia Half Marathon training, I was able to test out a navy blue GORE WINDSTOPPER Active Shell slim cut lady’s jacket. This slim cut fit jacket is made of GORETEX material Air Jordan 10s which blocks the wind and the fit makes it flattering. The jacket has a reflector strip across the back and on the hood so that you can be seen if running in the dark. The zipper goes all the way up to your head to keep you warm, and when you zip it fully, the hood stays right in place, which is helpful. Prepare to look like a tele tubby when wearing this jacket, but to be warm and comfortable when fully zipped. The jacket includes a small front pocket for a key on the front side and a back pocket in the center.

I tested it out Air Jordan 3s on two occasions. The first time was a warmer October day that was around 52 degrees outside and mildly windy. Underneath the jacket, I wore a tank top. Since it was a warm day, once I became warm, I wanted to unzip the jacket a bit, and unzipping it and running it made the Air Jordan 15s hood bounce back and forth and swish, which was a distraction while running. Also, my back was sweating and with a tank top underneath, against the windbreaker fabric, it Jordan Pro Strong didn’t feel good against my back since it is not sweat wicking.

On the second occasion, it was 14 degrees outside, brisk and chilly. The jacket was my third layer, keeping me very warm and blocking the wind and cold. I didn’t use the hood or zip it fully, and since I had other layers on and a hat, the swishing wasn’t a bother.

I would recommend wearing this jacket in cooler temperatures, fully zipped, with a sweat wicking t shirt or long sleeve shirt underneath. I would add longer sleeves with Air Jordan Fusion 4 thumb holes for warmer hands, and make it a little longer for a more flattering look. There are many colors available and I think it would look great in bright colors!

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