20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 10s or in socks

I’m hopefully going to have a chance to go to our local running store to be fitted for running shoes this weekend. That is, if I can squeeze it in between my boys’ soccer tournament games.

What should I expect when I go? (I’m intimidated to go into a running store, seeing as how I’m NOT a runner.)

My best recommendation about running is. to just go out and run. I prefer running on paved trails to running on sidewalks, since pavement has more given when you run than concrete.

I’ve never been fitted for shoes at a running store so I have no idea what to tell you. I trust New Balance for running shoes, but get what is comfortable for your feet. You shouldn’t need to spend $150 on shoes when you’re just starting out. You want good shoes, but you don’t need to break the bank.

When I run Air Jordan 10s I use an app on my iPhone called “MyMyRide+”, which gives tracks my run by GPS so I know how far I’ve gone. Wednesday night I ran 2.93 miles in 37 minutes. It estimated my calorie burn low according to my heart rate monitor, though.

I’ve been fitted at the running room a few times. They usually watch you walk bare foot (or in socks) with your pants rolled up. If you have shoes that you have walked/run/worked out in they will look at the wear pattern on the bottom. Then they will recommend a few to try. I have pretty bad feet and hurt myself running unless I’m in quality shoes and need to replace them frequently. I’ve been running for years and it seems like most running injuries really stem from bad shoes so it’s not an area to skimp on. I have never been able to pay less than $150 for shoes (unless I buy online from last years models) but I’m also in Canada. The same shoes in the US are much cheaper so Jordan Retro 10 your Air Jordan 2010 budget should be good. Air Jordan Women Size Also, good running stores will take shoes back that Air Jordan 17s haven’t been used outdoors. Sometimes, if I’m trying a new model I will do a few runs on the treadmill to make sure they re ok.

I’ve never done c25k but think I followed a similar learn to run 10k type program when I first started running. I found after I ran for awhile, then I started getting running gear as needed and as rewards. It gets addictive! Haha, I have joked that I run just so that I could look good in lulu lemon clothes! My only other advice is to go slow in the beginning. Enjoy! It eventually gets fun!!

They measured my foot in several areas while sitting and while standing, in order to see how my arch flattened / foot lengthened with weight on it. Then I walked away from and back towards the lady while she studied my feet and knees. Then she had me do some lunges. Finally, she brought 3 shoes that would work for me. I tried each one on and ran on the sidewalk in front of the store.

In the end, I selected the Saucony Guide 5. But it’s UGLY. I looked online and it does come in better colors. I think I’m going to go back to the store tomorrow and see if they can special order a better color. If I have cute shoes, I know I’ll want to run more. Stupid, I know. But I know myself.

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