20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 10s Nothing related to recent politics

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However, the brothers earlier split led to a divided town. From 1948, the town was really split into like a sort of mini Berlin. Brand loyalty became paramount for many residents, and there were stores, bakers and bars which were unofficially known as either loyal Air Jordan 16s to Rudolf Air Jordan 17s PUMA, or to Adolf Air Jordan Fusion 5 Adidas. The town two football clubs were also divided: ASV Herzogenaurach club wore the three stripes, while 1 FC Herzogenaurach had the jumping cat on its footwear. Intermarriage was frowned upon. When handymen came to work at Rudolf home, they would wear Adidas shoes on purpose so that when Rudolf would see their footwear, he tell them to go to the basement and pick out a pair of PUMA shoes, which they could have for free.[2] The two brothers never reconciled, and although both are buried in the same cemetery, they are spaced apart as far as possible.

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