20 Mar 2015

Air Jordan 10 Retro Ingrown Toenail Remedy

If your ingrown toenail is extremely painful or starts to swell and drain, you may need to consult a Air Jordan 10 Retro doctor for a medical remedy. This involves minor surgery that can be performed in the doctor’s office. According to the Family Doctor website, your toe will be Air Jordan 2010 numbed with an anesthetic injection. The doctor will then cut and remove the Air Jordan 23s part of your toenail that has grown into your skin. Depending on Air Jordan Spizike the severity of the case, he may also perform ablation on the nail to prevent further ingrown nails there. This involves applying liquid or a minor electrical charge to the exposed nail bed.

After a surgical remedy you will need to soak your foot every day and apply antibiotic ointment Air Jordan 6s to the treated area twice daily until it heals. According to ePodiatry, you should refrain from strenuous activities like running for two weeks after your surgery.

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