19 Mar 2015

Nike LeBron 12 As a way of promoting its new gaming tables

For those who aren’t sure whether Pai Gow is a Chinese carry out dish or think Texas Hold’em might be some country song, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel Casino has a deal.

Today, casino dealers started leading people through various games, playing mock hands with fake chips.

Ray Carey of Sun City Center got a quick education in Nike LeBron 12 let it ride, a version of poker that matches the player’s three cards with two community cards all players can use to create a typical five card poker hand.

Players do not compete against the dealer. Winning or losing is determined solely on the poker hand assembled from the three dealt cards and the two community cards but you have to have at least a pair of 10s.

“I’ve never played a table game,” Carey said after the lesson. “I’ve seen it on TV.”

Carey, who heard about the lessons while at the casino, was partly lured Air Jordan 23s by learning the game and partly by the T shirt given to the pupils. He would likely try the game sometime.

Carey also learned another lesson of Jordan Winterized 6 Rings casino reality. Had the chips been real, he would have lost money.

In November, the casino became the second Seminole casino in the state to have table card games.

As a way of promoting its new gaming tables, the casino started offering classes today to bring novices up to speed on such games of chance as blackjack, three card poker, Pai Gow poker and let it ride. Mondays through Fridays.

A different game will be taught each hour. Blackjack will probably be taught every other hour, but the order of games taught could change, casino spokeswoman Gina Morales said.

The lessons are free and each of the first couple offered today drew about a dozen curious gamblers.

Teaching players games is nothing new in other gambling havens Air Jordan DMP such as Atlantic City or Las Vegas, said Quinn Marcone, director of table games for the Hard Rock.

Blackjack is easily the most popular of the eight table games played at the casino’s 104 tables.

In addition to the mechanics of the games, the pupils learned some of the jargon of table games such as the cut card that a player inserts into the deck to cut it in blackjack, or that chips are also sometimes called checks.

Also, no dealer can take anything directly from a player, Jenna Serrano told people learning let it ride. Money has to be placed on the table for the dealer to Air Jordan 5s convert into chips.

And many of the rules are for security. Players can hold their cards but have to keep them over the table surface so the cameras can always see the cards.

Players wanting to pull back a bet in let it ride or wanting another card in blackjack must make a hand motion, even if they also tell the dealer what they want.

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