19 Mar 2015

Nike Air Foamposite One Traffic Light Trigger for your Bike

Step 1: Dremel as needed between the lugs of one heelI always put my right foot down, so I ground out a little extra space on my right Nike Air Foamposite One heel. Luckily, my Sidis have tall, widely spaced lugs, so I didn’t have to remove much material.Step 2: Epoxy the magnet, backed with a washer, to the shoeI used PC 7 heavy duty epoxy paste and coated the entire magnet, both to protect it and to stick it firmly to the heel. Backing the magnet with a washer helps to Air Jordan 2s focus the magnet field, aiming it Air Jordan Fusion 4 down (and not up into your heel, not that it should do anything to you anyhow).Step 3: Using the magnet to trigger lightsLook for the round or diamond shaped cuts in Air Jordan 2010 the asphalt that show where induction loops are buried at intersections, and set your heel down near the tar lines. Here in Portland, some lights helpfully have a small bike between two hashmarks which you’re supposed to line your wheels up with, which is a the Air Jordan 6s perfect spot (and more sensitive, too).

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