19 Mar 2015

KOBE 9 5 cm elastic band too

: How I prepare pointe shoes I searched on Instructable but I didn’t find any tutorial KOBE 9 about pointe shoes. First I break them to be en pointe. You should break p.In the spot you inserted the safety pins you have to sew the ribbons. Given that if you’re reading this guide you’re not a professional dancer, you may want to add here a 4 cm elastic band. I did and I found that it really helps in keeping the shoe in place. This band should not squeeze you foot, I used a 6 cm long band plus the part for sewing.Sew another elastic band on the heel, Air Jordan 14s that should go around your ankle. It should be more or less 12 cm long plus the part for sewing.Normally, dancers use only one of these elastic bands, not both, but I found out that is very comfortable to have both, they keep the pointe in place very well. Nike LeBron 11 All this almost turns a normal pointe shoe in a Sansha Futura.Lots of dancer use a 0,5 cm elastic band too, more or less 2 cm long. I put Air Jordan 2s it between the two parts of the ankle band. When you tie your pointe, you have to pass the ribbon in this band, so it will be more stable.I’ve seen a lot of different ways to sew these bands, many dancers just sew a little band near the ankle, but not around. I just write what Air Jordan Future I do and what it’s good for my feet ๐Ÿ™‚

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