19 Mar 2015

Jordan Retro 9 How to Put together outfits for back

How to Put together outfits for back to school

Learn how to put together outfits for back to school. 1. Pick your wardrobe items from a semi trendy store (Gap, JC Penny, Bakers, etc.). 2. Match the items based upon body style and individual tastes. 3. Jeans are easily matched with various blouses/shirts. 4. Layer your clothing for added look and feel. 5. Pick shoes that are comfortable to wear and add a little height if you’re short. 6. Pick neutral colors for maximum versatility. 7. Mix and match items so it gives the perception you have multiple outfits.

This is presenting different casual looks Jordan Retro 9 for the holidays. The first is a simple shoulder bearing top with brassy buttons. It accessorized with a bracelet with bumps and a necklace with different sized chains and a flower, dark wash jeans and simple boots. The next outfit is a red, long shirt accessorized with a shiny belt, a chunky bracelet, a chain necklace and patent pumps. The third outfit is a basic white top, inside a lace skirt, oxford boots accessorized with a bangle and chain necklace. The fourth outfit is a funky skirt, simple.

There Air Jordan 5s never just one way to wear a shirt. For instance, you don have to pair your crochet top with the same pair of acid wash blue jeans EVERY time, nor do you have to pair the same gold Tiffany pendant with its matching Tiffany bracelet. In fact, switching around what pieces you wear together is part of the Air Jordan CDP fun of dressing up.

With back to school coming up for many students across the country, you may want to consider adding that extra bit of pizzazz to your outfits by watching this video. You learn how to create a unique look by mix and matching your clothing pieces.

Got ninja skills but no ninja costume? The solution is simple. a plain, black T shirt. That pretty much all it takes to be one hell of a badass ninja on Halloween. Well, you should also wear a completely black matching outfit that has long sleeves and pant legs.

Video: .

Take a black tee shirt and turn it inside out. Wear it over your head so that your eyes peek through, then pull the sleeves together in the back. Make sure your eyes are visible and tie the sleeves together in the back. After this, you should have only an open space showing your eyes.

Now just wear gloves on your hands.

In this video, you will learn how to wear a bold flower print skirt in three different ways for going to school, a job interview or going out to a club.

For the schoolgirl look, choose a dark top to draw attention to the bright colors in the skirt without overpowering it. Use minimal accessories and pair it with flats for a natural look.

Change the outfit into a job interview ensemble by wearing a black top and black chunky shoes. Accessorize a bit more with a purse that matches the colors of the skirt for a professional look.

Now you ready to party in your bright, bold skirt. This time.

Don just use a belt for keeping your pants up, use it to give you some style!

As important an accessory as a handbag, a belt doesn’t just hold up your pants or pull in your tummy. Change your look by creatively matching your belt with your outfit.

Step 1: Try outfit first

Try on the outfit and decide where you want the belt to sit hips or waist. Use a measuring tape to determine the proper belt length

TIP: Belts generally come with five holes; a KOBE 9 comfortable fit will use the third hole. Tightening further can cause an unattractive “muffin top” effect.

Step 2: Determine widthJust because you need to assemble an outfit for work doesn mean it has to look all boring and aging. As long as you stay mostly covered up and don Nike LeBron 11 pull out your neon colored cheetah print stockings, you do just fine accessorizing and dressing fashionably.

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