19 Mar 2015

Jordan Retro 5 Hosted by Dr Derrick Rancourt

Let’s Talk Science is partnering with Genome Alberta to celebrate DNA Day in Alberta on Friday, April 15, 2011. A highlight of DNA Day is Let’s Talk DNA a live chat event with genetics experts, and Jay Ingram, host of Daily Planet, on CurioCity. Live chats in four different rooms will run from 9:00 AM Jordan Retro 5 11:00 AM MDT on April 15. Descriptions of the four different chat rooms are listed below.

If you plan on participating in this event, it’s a good idea to pre register. Gijs van Rooijen will be on hand to answer. Dr. Van Rooijen is Chief Scientific Officer of Genome Alberta, a not for profit research organization based in Calgary. He’ll help unwrap the mystery of DNA strands so you can weave your way through the new vocabulary and new world of genomics.

Genetics in Society

Hosted by Prof. Tim Caulfield

For a few hundred dollars you can get a commercial genetic test but what do you do with the results? Have Air Jordan Women Size our current laws and our Health Care system Nike LeBron 12 kept up with the incredible pace of genetic discoveries? Professor Caulfield will give you the Jordan Pro Strong honest answers to these and other questions about the often controversial issues surrounding genetics. He is currently Research Director of the Health Law Institute at the University of Alberta and a Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy.

Genetics on the Cutting Edge

Hosted by Dr. Derrick Rancourt

Is genetic therapy a reality? What does it take to sequence the genome of an entire organism and how did that technology uncover the genome of Neanderthals? Dr. Derrick Rancourt, from the Depts. of Oncology, Biochemistry Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics at the University of Calgary will be on hand to take your questions about the fact, fiction, and future of genetic research.

Genetics and Discovery

Hosted by Jay Ingram, host of Daily Planet on the Discovery Channel

Jay Ingram is well known as host of the Daily Planet on the Discovery Channel and as an advocate for science education and science journalism. He’ll bring his passion for science to the Discovery chat room and leave you wanting to learn more about the life science and wondering why science Air Jordan 2010 often finds itself living in the back rooms of Canadian culture.

Heath Matheson, a

developmental neurobiologist at Dalhousie University and Let’s Talk Science volunteer, will tell us how the

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