19 Mar 2015

Jordan Retro 2 or Supreme Pitch if you are a soccer fan

Watching the law develop is a lot like watching soccer for most people. There appears to be a lot of running around, someone occasionally gets bitten or head butted, but usually nothing Jordan Retro 2 much on the scoreboard changes. Jordan Pro Strong Minor infractions bring out a yellow card or a ticket on the windshield. Major infractions get the Nike KD 7 red card and a gray barred sin bin for the guilty party. Yet change happens only slowly. When a change does happen everyone freaks out, but then the game goes back for the non fan to its boring routine.

Since Judge Shelby ruling, courts across the country have agreed that a ban on same sex Air Jordan 4s marriage is unconstitutional with the score being 9 0 or something like that. As any soccer or legal fan knows, you aren going to win that game. You can run around all you like, but the score isn going to change in any significant way. With the game being so hopeless, die hard fans hope for the elusive Supreme 10 point goal, but the reality is that the game may never even get back on to the Supreme Court (or Supreme Pitch if you are a soccer fan). Everyone acts like the Supreme Court is going to hear this case, but the legal reality is if no other court disagrees, and so far none have, there isn a legal conflict for the Supreme Court Air Jordan 2 to resolve and they could easily deny certiorari.

In case you are wondering what I mean by certiorari, my brother asked me the same question yesterday. Certiorari is the legal term we use when the Supreme Court agrees to play the game. Like any good legal word, it comes from the Latin and in that dead language it means be more fully informed. So lawyers can say they have filed a writ of certiorari with the Supreme Court and retain their hourly rate and specialized knowledge, instead of saying, I filed a paper with the Supreme Court asking to be more fully informed. A lot of people ask the Supreme Court to be more fully informed and almost all of them get the same answer: Most of the time the Supreme Court is boarded up and plywood is placed over the goals and no one can score. The game is over before it ever begins.

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